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What is this site?

I'm experimenting with using a wiki for character bios and other supporting stuff for my fanfiction. These can't go on because of their formatting limitations and publishing rules.

This wiki is under construction. Feel free to help or go on to:

The inspiration for trying a wiki came from the idea of doing character bios, which by nature really need indexing and tons of cross-linking.

How about other people's KKM Fan Fiction?

Oh, come join me, please!!!

The overall category is called KKMFanFiki. So just add a page with that category to become part of it, I guess.... I'm still new at this.

And here's an Eskel's FanFiki page - just for Eskel to play in. :)

Jinjyaa's KKM fanfiction is...?

KKM = the Kyou Kara Maou anime series - which I have no rights to. These stories all form one story arc which begins somewhere near the time the series ends. It's called the Bedding of Wolfram / Epilogue story arc, for lack of any better name.

  1. Year 0: The Bedding of Wolfram (summary)
  2. Year 0 and -20: Axel (summary)
  3. Year 2: The Pirate Wedding (summary)
  4. Year 3: Wolfram Takes a Break (summary)
  5. Year 5: Yuuri's Hot Date (summary)
  6. Year 6: The Trouble With Trolls (summary)
  7. Year 6: Epilogue (summary)
  8. Year 7: The Ghosts of Trondheim (summary)
  9. Year -175: Shining Moments (summary)
  10. Year 7: Well of the Five Kings (summary)
  11. Year 11: The Disaster Up North (in progress)

For what it's worth, I also have one Legal Drug fanfiction, and may get back to that story arc sometime:

  1. The Chains That Bind

I also write and publish professionally. See my books website!

Character Bio Project?

I not only use a lot of OC's (Other Characters), but also as this story has grown, the series characters have grown and changed and gotten more background, and the world has gotten more background... And people forget who Sylvain von Tarkenburg was, or what Kriegsbad was, when it's months between stories getting completed.

Note that all ages are given in Year 0 (essentially the end of the series) unless otherwise specified.




Well, yeah! I want thumbnails and the illustrations included. It's a real nuisance to build in the links to stuff like maps, etc.

Map of Jinjyaa's Shin Makoku

But for the moment, please see

for most of it - I'm here to work on the Character Bios/Other info lookup at the moment (and test out the wiki concept).


Well, please don't edit my main pages, where I'm giving content regarding these stories. But requests, adding more content - sure!!!

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