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These are character sketches and other misc. lookup and background information for Jinjyaa's KKM Fanfiction (aka the Epilogue or Bedding of Wolfram Story Arc).

This site is permanently under construction. Red links haven't been filled in yet. If there's something you wanted that isn't here yet, drop me a line via my profile

A couple quick links:

  • The OC gallery on my illustrations site - simple portraits of key characters.

  • Note: I have no rights to Kyou Kara Maou. This is fan fiction. Illustrations are by Jinjyaa or bananam00n, not copyrighted material from the anime, etc.


With the anime series main characters, the goal here is to say what's happened to them in this series of stories, or new background given to them in these stories.



Jinjyaa's Shin Makoku



Go ahead and hit that edit link to the right! Request who or what you'd like added to the list, or empty articles you wish were done already.

If you sign your name to the request (see squiggle button above) and I can figure out how to contact you when I finish doing the request, I will contact you! :)

Hi, Jinjyaa! I'm your fan girl! XD

I wish that Manfred and Yuuri's bio were done! Manfred is my favorite OC. Oh, and I love Bertram too!!

And you can contact me at


Ooh, thank you, Panda! I didn't think anyone was reading this. :) Yes, I should get back to Yuuri and Manfred's bios - ones I put off because I was sure they'd be just as hard as Wolfram's!

Oh, btw, if anyone else is reading this, I started a Friedrich comic - a few pages posted so far. Of his childhood long, long ago.

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