• Joseph joestar (Young) as thomas
  • caesar antonio zeppeli as percy
  • jotaru kujo as Gordon
  • noriaki as james
  • speedwagon as Henry
  • Jonathan joestar as edward
  • polnareff as duck
  • muhamad avdol as oliver
  • Rudol stroheim as boco
  • Iggy as toad
  • Dio brando as Diesel (Both are villain)
  • Erina as lady
  • Lisa lisa as mavis
  • suzi q (Young) as Emily
  • Joseph joestar (old) as toby
  • Yoshigake kira as spencer
  • bullies of erina as Arry and bert
  • Forever as george
  • Koichi as Donald
  • hayato as Douglas
  • Kars as diesel 10
  • Wamuu and esidisi as Splatter and dodge
  • Rohan kishibe as Stephney
  • mr zeppeli as sir topham hatt
  • Josuke as Stanley
  • Shigekiyo as fergus

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