Rat's Jobs

  • Writing greeting cards:1/22/02
  • Marriage counselor:6/3/02-6/7/02
  • Stockbroker:6/17/02-6/20/02, 6/23/02, 6/30/02
  • Talk show host:7/30/02-8/1/02
  • Jury duty:9/5/02
  • Public office candidate (Several times)
  • Cubicle office worker (several times)

Pig's Jobs

  • Making balloon animals:1/24/02
  • Funeral director:1/28/02-1/30/02
  • Ventriloquist:2/12/02-2/15/02
  • "Adopt-A-Fly" program:4/29/02-4/30/02
  • Sign carrier:5/23/02

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