Joseph "Joe" Daniel Vasquez (b. 13 September 1989 - 21 March 2083) is the main protagonist of The Awesome Adventures of Joe & Allen "trilogy". Joe is 21 when the series begins and 35 when it ends. The story takes place in the 2000-2010's. Joe is the founder of Allen and best friend of him.


Joe Vasquez was born on 13 September 1989 in Needles, California. However, Joe spent his childhood in Phoenix, Arizona before moving back to California upon his 18th birthday. Joe's mother, Jane Vasquez (nee Ford) was born in Portland, Oregon and hails from American British ancestry. Joe's father, Jack Vasquez, was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States after turning 23.

Joe has said that he has bad memories of Needles and Arizona that he tends to put away due to his dark and mysterious past. Joe is 5'6'' and is proud but insecure of his height at the same time. He says he had a bad childhood and was bullied but turned to impowering rock music for help. By the end of the show, it was stated that the exercise of the series led to Joe becoming 5'8'.

When Joe is 13 years of age, Joe had a mild case of testicular cancer that was able to be treated quickly. He says that he is happy for this experience but he wishes his dog had survived cancer.

At the age of 21, Joe finally gives into his heart and attempts to commit suicide. However, this fails when he an alien spacecraft containing Allen Azeckqueck crash lands in his backyard, causing the rope he is hanging from to collapse. Joe later hails this to be "the best thing in his life".

Upon finding Allen, Joe must now venture with him to find his seven other brothers whilst fight an impending attack from martians.


Relationship with Alicia

Alicia is Joe's main love interest until he ends up with her. Joe had a crush on Alicia in 7th grade and never acted on it, which he regretted. Several years later, Joe and Alicia somehow met each other and eventually began dating. Joe says that Alicia is the prettiest woman he's ever met and he'd rather die than not be with her.

Relationship with Jack

Jack Vasquez is Joe's father. As a child, Jack would hit Joe with a belt and teased him - using terms like "retarded", particularly in defense of his sister, Jill. Joe says that he loves his dad but wishes that he was nicer to him. He eventually makes amends with his father before his death in "The Final Battle, Part II: The Spy".

Relationship with Jill

Joe had a tough relationship with his sister Jill. Jill was always smarter than him but insecure about her looks and her general self. She sees Joe as a rival during their childhood but talked to him when emotional problems. Jill eventually becomes closer to Joe as they near the end of the series.

Physical appearance

Joe is described as having long bushy hair that tends to stand up, a small beard, a moderately chubby body and big feet. Creator Noah Siberius has stated that Joe wears a size 16.5 shoe. Despite this, Joe is only 5'6'', which is considered tall in his family. Joe is mildly attractive but due to his shyness no girl seems to talk to him. Joe typical wears a green jacket.


  • Joe tends to act and sometimes speak in a British accent upon meeting new people. He also enjoys spelling words like "color" like "colour".
  • Joe's favourite number is 42, which is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was also an inspiration for this show. 
  • Joe shares his birthday with J.G. Quintel, who created Noah Siberius's favourite cartoon as a kid, Regular Show.
  • Despite being a Virgo, Joe tends to act more like a Aries due to his anger issues and his changing personality. This is due to the fact that Noah Siberius is an Aries.
  • Joe was sorted into Gryffindor and owns a wand which he got from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • In the Divergent series, Joe was sorted into Abnegation.
  • Joe is a devoted Catholic.
  • Creator Noah Siberius said that Joe later died of old age, he was 94 years old and died on March 21, 2

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