Joe is one of the following students from the Pokemon Tech, the love interest of Ralph's childhood friend Emily, and the younger brother of Mikeosu appearing in the Indigo League episode: The School of Hard Knocks. He has dusty blond hair and blue eyes. His main uniform (as seen in this episode) is composed of: a black long sleeved suit under a yellow long sleeved shirt with a red necktie, black pants with only white briefs inside and black shoes. He is voiced by Kayzie Rogers (who is also behind Mikey from The Battling Eevee Brothers, Timmy from The Purr-fect Hero and many other male roles). At his age, he is 10 years old.


  • Miranda from Pokemon The First Movie (Mother)
  • Schuyler from Pokemon 3 The Movie (Father)
  • Haruno (Grandmother)
  • Old Man Shuckle (Grandfather)
  • Shimajio (Great Grandfather)
  • Mikeosu (Older Brother)
  • Emily (Love Interest)
  • Lara Laramie (Childhood Crush)
  • Koji (Rival)


  1. Being an understudy to Emily
  2. Liking for his grades
  3. Helping his older brother Mikeosu


  1. Being called a weakling
  2. The way Koji treats him
  3. His encounter with Braggo, Chico and Blurt

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