[b]Name[/b]: Joseph Nentan [b]Species[/b]: Human [b]Homeworld[/b]: Abregado-rae [b]Age[/b]: 53 [b]Height[/b]: 5’11” [b]Weight[/b]: 140 lbs [b]Eye Color[/b]: Brown with a hint of grey [b]Hair Color[/b]: Dirty blond [b]Facial Features[/b]: A close cropped goatee shows just a hint of grey, accentuating a prominent chin and smooth jaw line. High cheek bones give him a kind of patrician look which is undeserved through his bloodline. Otherwise, his face is remarkably untouched by age or war. Interests: History, martial arts, psychology [b]Force Rank[/b]: Master [b]Force Strengths[/b]: Telekinesis, precognition, physical enhancement Preferred Lightsaber Style: Form V: Shien [b]Force Weaknesses[/b]: Absorption, mind trick, healing [b]Background[/b]: Born on the backwater rim world of Abregado-rae, Joseph had a rather unremarkable childhood. His father was a member of the local law enforcement and mother taught at a facility which could barely be described as a school, which Joseph attended through his formative years. As an only child, living in an extremely poor district where every other family had five or more children, Joseph struggled to fit in. Until he was almost 18, Joseph had trouble fitting in well with others, a result of his upbringing and not having any siblings. Untrained social skills coupled with a gifted intelligence left the young Nentan as an outcast at best, and a target for bullying at the worst. Early on Joseph’s father had his son enrolled in self defense classes which taught the boy rudimentary skills, but was enough to allow him to hold his own from most bullies.

Just a month after his 18th birthday, Joseph came home to find his house ransacked. What little belongings they had were overturned, smashed, or missing. As he moved deeper into their home he could hear muffled whimpers. Inside the master bedroom were his parents and five humanoids he didn’t know. His mother was bound and gagged on the floor, tears streaming down her face. Joseph’s father was on the floor beside her, laying in a pool of his own blood. Before he could say or do anything, he was grabbed from behind and found his wrists tied quickly but efficiently behind his back. The thug that bound his wrists shoved him unceremoniously to the floor next to his mother. Their ring leader questioned his mother over some matter he knew nothing about and which she also seemed equally ignorant of. After a few minutes of this, the ringleader grew tired of her so called denials and shot her pointblank through her forehead. All Joseph could do was watch, helpless to the horror he was witnessing. The blaster pistol was then trained on him, but the man’s cohorts talked him out of killing a kid and pointed out that the police would surely be arriving shortly, so they took off.

Following the death of his parents, Joseph swore vengeance and joined the local police to which his father had belonged. There he received further training in martial arts, blaster pistol and rifle proficiency, and basic piloting skills. He was only on the force for a few months before they got a lead that led them to the apprehension of the gang of thugs which had murdered Joseph’s parents. The legal system on Abregado-rae was practically nonexistent, and it didn’t take much for the thugs to be set loose once more. Angry over the inability of the law to give him justice, Joseph resigned and began his own search for the gang that murdered his parents. Armed with a DL-44 blaster pistol and a short vibrosword, Joseph began the hunt. Acting purely on instinct and the burning hatred within him, he tracked the group down to a small apartment just outside the spaceport district. Attacking like a demon during the night, Joseph caught them off guard and killed the four minions in the span of a minute. The ringleader recognized him of course, and being the coward that most thugs are, begged and pleaded for his life. Joseph gave it to him, in pieces. The man’s dying screams lasted for hours. His need for vengeance satiated, but with no direction to go, he stole an old cargo shuttle from the spaceport and left the Abregado System, never to return.

Guided by what, he could not say, but Joseph ended up in an uncharted and little known system called Nephilim by some and just a stellar cartographic number by most. On the surface of a somewhat inhospitable planet, he was found by none other than Orbisis, Dark Lord of the Sith. He said that the force had led Joseph to Nephilim where he could be trained in how to use it, to channel his anger and hatred to become strong. Orbisis found the young Nentan to be a fast study, and he quickly rose among the ranks of the Sith Order, becoming the left hand of the Dark Lord. After he was Knighted, Joseph, now called Darth Malevolent, took on an apprentice, Jake Daniels. Jake proved to be a poor student of the Sith and soon left to join the renegade and terrorist faction known as the Legion.

After losing his apprentice, and fighting a brief war with the Republic and Jedi forces which culminated in the destruction of Coruscant by a HEX weapon, Malevolent disappeared for several years, for what reason no one really knew. The war had changed him though, he found the reasons for his blind hatred flawed and began to look inwards of himself. He spent the vast majority of these years in a teras kasi monastery on the secluded world of Giedi Major. Joseph learned the most advanced martial arts techniques in the galaxy at the hands of those monks, but more importantly, he discovered himself. When he finally returned to the galactic scene, the persona known as Darth Malevolent was gone, banished into the deepest, darkest corner of his mind and locked away. Joseph sought the Jedi on Coruscant, and was surprised that the first he found was none other than his former apprentice, Jake Daniels, now a Jedi Master and leading member of the Jedi council. He was welcomed warmly, though guardedly by the Jedi into their midst.

Shortly after his joining the Jedi Order, Joseph took on another apprentice, Teuila Nightdreamer. From the moment he met her Joseph shared a special connection with the young girl which culminated into the kind of loving relationship few ever have, but all aspire to. Her training proceeded well and smoothly until the council sent them on a mission behind the lines of the Sith Empire to scout out a world which was to be ‘liberated’ by the Republic. The mission went terribly wrong and Joseph was forced to send his Padawan back to Coruscant for reinforcements while he stayed behind and attempted to stop the GNC forces on the planet from completing a biological weapon. Although he was successful, Joseph had no way of leaving the planet and was hounded by Sith forces for months while he waited for his Padawan to return. For whatever reason, the Republic was unwilling to commit forces at this point to rescuing the Jedi Master and Teuila was forbidden to return to him. Forced to continue her training at the hands of another Master, Teuila bided her time. Through their time apart, Teuila was slowly corrupted by the special bond she shared with her Nentan, not by the Jedi Master, but by the imprisoned personality known as Malevolent within his mind. Several months later, Teuila murdered her new Master and fled Coruscant in search of Nentan. When at last they were reunited, Joseph was horrorstruck to find that Teuila had turned to the dark side, and that he was to blame. Unable to live without the love of his life and as the mental blocks in his mind that kept Malevolent caged slowly broke down, Joseph lost the will to live and died. Many long seconds later, his body awoke, and Malevolent was back. With his apprentice, now Lady Ariana Siera, Malevolent returned to Nephilim.

Once there he was thrust into the midst of a power struggle amongst the Sith. A reptile named Tarka was attempting to overthrow the aging Orbisis. Rather than having the Sith led by the young and inexperienced Tarka, Orbisis transferred leadership to his former apprentice and became the first Dark Lord to lose his power not through battle, but because he gave it up. Malevolent, now the Dark Lord of the Sith, solidified his hold over the Sith by besting Tarka in a lightsaber duel and set about to restore the Order. His reign was a short one however, while he had devised a master plan for returning the Sith to power across the galaxy which rested on the Tyrendella system, his apprentice Ariana was killed by loyalist forces in the system, and sensing Malevolent’s own weakness, the Sith rebelled against him. The short time Dark Lord fled Nephilim into the uncharted reaches of the galaxy, where he has remained ever since. Forgotten by the Sith and galaxy at large, Malevolent spent his long years of exile flying from one system to another, driven by the force to fulfill a destiny which had not yet been revealed to him.

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