Character name: Johan Anderson Alias: Judai Ameranth Gender: Male Age: 22 Weight: 123 lbs. Height: 5'8" Hair color: Orange Eye color: Yellow Ethnic origin: Caucasian Species Type: Old Type Other Information: Ex-addiction to cocaine. Non-devoutly Christian.

Biography: Johan was born to highly-devout Christian parents, and thus, straight from birth, had the whole concept of "being absolutely good no matter what, and following in the teachings of God" shoved down his throat straight from birth. Now, perhaps for some people, such a thing will tend to make them in to a devout Christian as well, but you also then ahve to factor in the various variables, such as the conditions of Johan's family life, the "friends" that he hung around with, and other such things.

As it turns out, Johan's family life sucked hardcore. He was born into poverty, and there he stayed. As residents of the Martian city Monuta with little in the way of "skills", you can see why Johan's life could be very easily described as "crappy". Then, there was his gang of friends. Rough'n'toughs, street fighters, thugs, druggies... you name it, and he was certainly aquainted with someone of a less than savory nature bearing that title.

Growing up mainly on the streets with little respect with his parents or their "religion", Johan grew a strong sense hate for the MIST government. They seemed to be all nice and happy and whatnot, but really, they all sucked, at least in his eyes. It was the same with everyone else in his group of friends.

At the age of 12, the young boy was introduced to the extremely provocative effects of everyone's favourite mind-altering white-powder drug, Cocaine. It helped him to get his mind off of how badly his life sucked, and on some of the more happier thoughts in life. In fact, it even saved him from seriously attempting suicide in a strong burst depression when his best buddy, Sho, was killed in a gun fight.

There was, however, a major problem with his strong dependency on Cocaine; for some unexplicable reason, his tolerance to it started at very high levels. He had to take doses of it that, many of his friends thought, should have caused him to OD and die. He knew that a person's tolerance to drugs would gradually grow, but this wasn't even the case. Johan knew he was going to die if this kept up, and so, in a feat of great mental endurance, forced himself to not take Cocaine anymore.

Things just got worse for him, as they always do, however. As gang relations grew worse and worse, an underground "war" broke out between 3 of the top powers in the area at that time. During the ensueing battles, nearly all of Johan's companions were killed. The only friend he had left was another boy named Manjyo, and they weren't particularly on the greatest of terms themselves.

Not knowing what else to do, the two decided that they were going to join the military. They were already skilled enough with guns and such, and they had no qualms with killing people at a moments notice, so they figured that it would work out for them either way. However, no matter what, they didn't want to join the MIST's military. They hated MIST more than anything else, and so they certainly weren't going to help their enemies. So, they decided to join the Vermillion Sovereign's military, under the guise of 18 year olds, of course.

That basically brings us up to speed. Johan's skills as a mobile suit pilot were quickly recognized, and his position in the military rose quicker than most. He couldn't quite understand why a simple, uneducated street kid like him was so naturally skilled at something that required intense concentration and a good mind for strategizing, but whatever the case, he was just glad that he had something to do with his pathetic life.


During his time as a pilot for the VS army, Johan found himself in a number of unique situations. During a few of his battles on the Martian surface and around it, he experienced an odd phenomenon. He didn't want to ask about it, because he knew he wasn't going to get a straight answer from his superiors, who had clearly lied to him about the results of his physical tests.

Johan was so... interested in it. He tried to forget about it, but it was impossible. He tried to ignore about it, but he couldn't. He wanted to find about this strange thing. Though he had only actually experienced the phenomenon a few times, it shook him to his very core that there was something important about himself that he couldn't comprehend on his own.

In a pursuit of knowledge, he fled the VS, and travelled to Mars - his homeland. Though he had hated the MIST, that didn't even matter to him. Johan was a Martian himself, so he wasn't racist and had no problem dealing with them, as long as he could find out about himself. So, using the alias "Judai Ameranth", and piloting a machine that he stole while deserting VS, he joined the MIST army in his pursuit of this knowledge.

Affiliation (faction): MIST

Prototype Mobile Suit: MMS-ZX:A-01 Óðinn

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