Bishop John Bennett of Durham's Church of Apostolic Revival International is a religious leader who led protests against the accused lacrosse players.

On April 9th, Bennett appeared at a protest held outside 610 North Buchanan Boulevard, in which he made comments that appeared to strongly presume the players' guilt, praying to God for the healing of "minds that have been corrupted to do such acts."[1]

Two days after that protest, Bennett appeared at a forum at North Carolina Central University, in which he not only demanded that the accused players be arrested, but specifically that they be handcuffed in front of cameras.[2]

Interviewed by WRAL after the Attorney General declared the players innocent, John Bennett expressed a "something happened" belief: "I do believe that something out of the ordinary did happen in that house. I’m not saying it was rape. I'm not necessarily saying it was them."[3]



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