John Connor is the leader of the Tech-Com Resistance and the son of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, who he sends back in time to meet and copulate with his mother, effectively fathering his own general from the past.

Early Life

1John Connor was born into a world of turmoil and was trained from childhood by Sarah Connor in the use of weapons and explosives. Sometime in his early life, his mother was taken to a mental health facility and he was given to various foster homes, where he steadily became a hoodlum. He then met the T-101 (played by Arnold Schwarzenneger) and managed to save the world from Judgement Day in 1997.

Judgement Day Inevitable

John again met up with a T-101, still played by Schwarzenneger, but apparently a different Terminator than that from the second movie. They are unable to prevent Judgement Day this go-around, and the T-101 dies protecting John Connor and Kate Brewster in Crystal Peak.


John becomes the leader of the Resistance, leading from the rubble of the former world against Skynet.

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