Best Coffee in San Francisco

This is what my blog is mostly about. I want to Find the newest and greatest coffee shop in San Francisco. Right now my favorite coffee shop in the city is Martha and Brother's coffee, specifically the one located on 24th Street in Noe Valley. Still up to review: Blue bottle coffee (2 locations), Union Street Roastery, and Battery Street Roastery.

Best Place On Campus

The best place on SFSU Campus is the burrito shop in the main food court of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Every time I order from the kind ladies at the burrito shop, I attempt to make my order in Spanish. Sometimes I butcher it so poorly they look at me like I've lost my mind. However, sometimes I am on the spot with my bilingual ordering abilities. When I'm not on campus my burrito of choice would easily be Mariachi's. You cannot go wrong with most of the burrito shops in the Mission district. Once you get past the smell of piss and the drunk girl that is about to yak on her chicken nachos, the food is great. Maybe it's just OK, but the fact that they are open at two in the morning is great.

For those of you in dire need of a burrito fix in the Sunset, check out Gordo's on 9th Ave. just off of Irving. Or take a quick walk up Irving a few blocks to La Avenida for a huge helping of your favorite Mexican dish.

The Nickname

The nickname Eightclip came about due to an online punk/hardcore magazine that I started 8 years ago. The focus of this website has shifted over time from being an online magazine, to a basic portfolio of work that I do. I work freelance for different record labels and/or bands that are in the process of creating music video or music DVD's.

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