John Holmes broadway actor
John Curtis Holmes
(born August 8, 1944) is an American Actor, Singer and Dancer. He's one of the most prolific actors of all time, mainly for the Musical Theatre on Broadway.

He is best know for his exceptionallly singing voice, which is heavily promoted as the strongest voice in the Theater community.

Holmes is also an accomplished author of countless books, mainly Novels, Short Stories and Plays.

Early life and education

Jones Holmes was born John Curtis Estes on August 8, 1944 in the small rural town of Ashville, Ohio, about 25 miles south of Columbus. John is the youngest of four children born to 26-year-old Mary June Holmes, an inspiring singer of the Stage.

John's father, Edward Holmes, is a talented Playwright who would come home with an idea, write it down on his Typewriter and even invite his children to see what he's writing.

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