Character name: John Kruger Player: Reyven Samoth Gender: Male Age: 22 Weight: 200 lbs. Height: 6‘3" Hair color: Blue Eye color: Grey Ethnic origin: Mambasa Species Type: Coordinator Other Information: He, personally, is a very combat-oriented person. He finds no greater thrill than the feeling of being in battle. He knows that he can very easily adjust to a war-time atmosphere and is not afraid of starting conflicts with the other factions.

Appearance http:// Test flight suit http:// Weapons Owned: SOCOM Combat knife

Biography: He was ‘born’ in Mambasa, one of the perfected Coordinators. He learned of the history of man, just like every other child did going through school. Though, one thing confused him. Why was there so much debate over his kind? They were meant to be perfect. The next step in human evolution. They didn’t get sick, were more resistant to poisons, even performed better physically and mentally. Still, they were considered wrong.

This fact puzzled him throughout his youth. Eventually he came to one conclusion: the rest of humanity feared what they were capable of. It was only natural, he supposed, that they would be afraid. His kind could outperform many of these “Old Types” as a child mentally, and now could even perform on par with the other, special races.

Eventually he joined the military, learning how to pilot suits fitted with equipment suited to his kind. It was an enjoyable experience. He found his place in combat. Well, at least simulated combat for now. He had many hours there, honing his skills in various scenarios, trying to learn as much as possible on how to use his suit. He also found himself increasingly involved with the political end of the Vermilion Sovereignty, trying to urge his people to expand and take what he felt belonged to them. After all, it was them that introduced the next step of humanity, they should get what they deserved.

He began running test flights for a new group starting within the Sovereignty, known as the Martian Armament Research Institute(MARI), which was the main producer now of Sovereignty weaponry and mobile weapons. The results of his tests did two things. They helped to produce new designs used by the faction as well as move him up quickly through the ranks. While the main bulk of MARI’s production was in the Deimos shipyards, there were many different smaller factories spread throughout VS territories. Their headquarters were located in Innostus, close to the capitol building so that orders could be placed quickly. Under Innostus is also the test labs for MARI, which consists of a network of connecting caverns almost as big as the city above, with access to ships and larger weapons through the eastern side of the plateau from a well hidden entrance. This lab was designed in large part by Kruger himself, and he has also contributed to many suit schematics, including the one for the suit he uses now.

As of late, his personal hatred of NewTypes has increased due to the betrayal of his love to MIST. He keeps his prejudices to himself, though, knowing that it won’t help his standing within VS if it becomes well known, though it can be seen in his acts sometimes, despite his best efforts.

Following the revolts and the establishment of the new government, he used his ties to the arms manufacturer to keep his position of admiral and in leading of the Strategic Test Fleet for the group. Though with the reduction of the fleet due to the He-3 shortage, he will have to rebuild it. He stuck with his old leader, in the House of Jamil, since he had no problem with the prior government.

Affiliation (faction): VS

Prototype Mobile Suit: PMW-MS-U01 Geistjäger

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