Character Name: John Ilia Reyer Gender: Male Age: 29 Weight: 184 lbs Height: 6'1" Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Blue Ethnic Origin: Slavic (Russian) - Scandinavian (Icelandic) - Germanic (German) Species Type: Newtype Birth Date: January 7th, 0197 Other Information

-Right hand incapable of full movement -Large, horizontal scar across left oblique -Smokes

Appearance: http:// http:// (Flight Suit)

Biography: William Reyer had been your average soldier in the military, but he had one thing that many men didn't - massive amounts of charisma. He had that air of power around him, and was able to fuel people to reach the mindset he wanted them in. This proved invaluable off the field for a variety of things, from ranks, to convincing people that his strategies were good, and as well as swooning the women. Indeed, he had many girlfriends, but none that he truly cared for or made him want to be in a serious relationship. That is, untill he met Anastasia Sahanov. Unlike most of the women he associated himself with, she was much more clear headed and intelligent. In fact, she was smart enough to see through William's tactics and shot him down - a rare occurence that sparked emotions and feelings he had never felt before. This rejection was different, for whatever reason.

He continued to persist and insist, however. Anastasia was more set on her career as a medical doctor, but her disdain against William eventually turned into affection over time, and after a year of trying, she finally went out on a date with William, who had changed to a more serious persona. Things were magnificent between them - except that William found himself being transferred every now and then. But Anastasia had kept his intrigue, and he made sure that whenever he had leave he went to see her. Years eventually went by before William was able to consumate their relationship and finally ask Anastasia to marry him. The next time he saw her, he did - but she declined. She wasn't ready, and it stayed like that for a while. It took another year, but this time, she asked him - and he agreed.

They got married after three years of dating, and the concept of a family hit William hard. Eventually, after Anastasia got her license, she became medical staff at the same military as William - the Martian Imperial Sovereignty. However, something was occuring in the background that was shaking William at his routes - the beginning of what he saw as conflict. The signs were subtle. As military, you didn't have to keep watch on the eocnomy that much, but he did because he knew that money was generally a sort of indicator for war in this modern ages. Policies became slightly polarized and more detached from other nations, as the federal governments of Mars and the Moon began to distance themselves. They began to become more self-sufficent and suddenly the defense industry had more business. When he began to wonder what would happen, he began to drink. The more he thought, the more he drank - it was subconcious. At first, it wasn't that bad. The military faced some pressures, but nothing big.

The problem grew, however, after time. Before he knew it, Anastasia was pregnant, and things were more confusing. So, he drank a little more. He began to become more inebriated as time went on. A little bit more drunk everytime, on the job, off the job, who knew? He still had his awesome charisma and charm, so he was able to play off any accusations. When Anastasia gave birth, he tried to stave off the drink - but it wans't that easy. The more he thought about getting off of it, the more he drank. He had to deal with fatherhood. A bit more to drink whenever he thought of it. He wasn't a bad father in the end, but eventually he was consumed by what he thought was the looming war. He was an officer, so he worried not so much about being sent to the front lines, but the actual concept of a war happening while he was in the military crushed him. He didn't join for that, after all - he joined because he felt powerful in a uniform.

Years and years went by and his condition got worse. Although he never physically abused Anastasia and their child, he never made things easy for them either. She began to wonder what had changed in him, and worried over what kind of an influence he would be. She did nothing, though, because she went from just being a military doctor to being involved in military funded medical projects. Her projects called for a lot of time away from home, so it was William and their son. Inevitably, after years and years of drinking, and his almost punching her in the face one time (She came home late at night and he thought she was a burglar), caused her to decide that it was over - it was a divorce.

The divorce was when John was only 13 years of age. He had lived much of his life with his father, and so from his clouded perspective, he saw his mother as the one in the wrong - but nevertheless, the courts gave much of the custody to Anastasia, rather than William. He saw his father only on the weekends, but even that didn't last. Not 2 months after the divorce, William upped and disappeared. John was left without a father, having to be raised solely by his mother and their too-kind neighbours. Anastasia was in a bind - she had to work extra hours to provide for John and herself, but also didn't want to be away from her son so much of the day, especially after having lost his father. In the end, she had to do the extra work, and hope John would work through it his own way.

John was much like his father, inheriting his charisma and a silver tongue. However, he quickly found he could use it to get himself out of situations other kids his age couldn't. As such, he was a common trouble maker in his small district, and often the ring leader of some of the mischevious, not-quite-so-serious crimes in the area. This was mostly due to the fact his mother was never home, and he could do more or less whatever he wanted. The only people watching him were the elderly, naive neighbours. Not to mention their hearing problems.

This wasn't much of an issue, being that he never got caught, not even when he got older and partook in more serious crimes. Marijuana and drinking were large parts of his late teens, although never taking an addiction to either - pot was too hard to get due to the climate of Mars, and he remembered what happened to his father from drinking.

It was mostly just a phase. He really fit in with most of the other guys his age, working with them in the mines. One of the differences between he and them, was his fondness for literature. He read book after book, mostly about history, and the events before the Orbital Era and the colonization of Mars. John also took an interest in politics, reading up on various forms of government, and learning about political figures.

He worked in the mines for only a year and a half, until he turned 18. A few short weeks after his birthday, he enlisted in the military. Not as a pilot - he wouldn't discover he had a penchant for pilotting a mobile suit until later in his career. For now, he was a foot soldier.

For most of his life, he had been learning medical lessons from his mother. Through his knowledge of the body, he had a grasp on hand-to-hand fighting, and had been quite the fighter in his youth. But in the military, that didn't matter as much, or so he thought. After all, if you have a gun, what are you going to need your hands for?

The thought of restricted-space fighting hadn't crossed his mind, but it wasn't very long before he found out hand-to-hand combat techniques could be applied in a style of fighting known as close-quarter-combat, or just CQC. This came very easily to him, having spent so much time fighting in his life.

The first couple of years went smoothly for him. He never had to kill anyone, and he rarely even had to take his safety off. Mostly, other units took care of the few situations that needed taking care of. But, of course, there's a first time for everything. Miners began to go on riots. At first it wasn't hard for him to handle. John would show up with the rest of his unit, and they'd just have to aim their rifles and the miners would back down. This continued for a while, and each time it seemed the miners got a little more resilient, less and less scared of death.

It wasn't until he was deployed to the Tharsis mines that he really got a taste of what the military meant. Tharsis meant that he was going to be suppressing people he had grown up with. Upon his arrival to the riot, they took up their standard positioning, but there was a lot more going on than there ever had been. The riot was much larger in size, and lashed out with force when pushed. This turned into a bloody situation. Casualties weren't just civilian - some of John's comrades had been injured, and John himself had taken a bullet to his torso, from friendly fire. Moreover, he had killed two people he'd known since elementary school - some of his best friends. He had spoken to them on the phone just the other week. John had no idea he was going to have to deal with this.

The weight of killing his own friends weighed very heavily on his mind, body, and spirit. More and more riots began turning out like that, only toughening John's outer shell, and secluding him from the world. He became very introverted, and began to enter a deep stage of depression. It was around this time he was screened for Mobile Suit pilotting, as Mobile Suits were becoming more and more common on the battlefield. Hell, in two of the riots he had dispersed, the miners were using a crude form of Mobile Suit technology. He passed an aptitude test on being a pilot, and he entered training.

John was a fast learner, catching onto MS controls quickly, like he'd been inside one his whole life. In a bit of a different role than he had been in as a foot soldier, he was assigned as a test pilot, testing the newest weapons and systems in live-fire exercises. That is to say, they gave him a new weapon that had been proven to simply work, and let him use human beings as the guinea pigs. This didn't help his life get any better.

He began to see things very nihilistically, viewing human beings as nothing but illusions, and his own life as some sort of dream. He was being given big weapons with abilities to decimate large quantities of people, and he didn't give a damn about them.

Now would probably be a good time to mention his mother's work: She was still working in the military, still in Tharsis, and was completely unhappy with how her son had become. She saw far too much of his father in him, and all of their conversations ended with her either crying or yelling. John simply quit talking to her. Anastasia became heartbroken, but found another love interest and remarried, as well as had another child. She did not, however, so easily forget about John. She couldn't, of course, he was her son - but that was the only connection they had anymore.

Life wasn't going very well for him. He had only a few friends, and they were only, in his eyes, acquaintances - people to talk to when he was bored. This went on for a good many years, before something inside of him snapped. He just couldn't take the monotony anymore. The drills, the bullshit, the strict lifestyle. One day, he just found himself sick of it. He looked back, recalling everything he'd done, all the lives he'd taken - under orders to. In this one day, he built up so much hatred for the MISTAF, it was unbelievable. It was as if all the emotions he hadn't had in the past 6 years all came out in once, and all at the wrong time. His mind was set on betrayal.

Nevertheless, he did. However, he didn't account for the power of the MISTAF. His plan was simple - hit the headquarters in a blitz, and wipe up the remnants while he escaped. On paper, simple enough. However, in execution, he really botched it. The military caught on much quicker than he imagined, and they intercepted him before he could get within range. He didn't accomplish his mission, but he did escape.

Shortly thereafter, John forced his way out of the Martian Sphere and made his way to Luna, hoping to start anew as best he could. The weight of his actions carried heavily on his shoulders, however. At first he attempted to join the Alliance, but quickly found himself unsuited to it after doing their dirty-work in a battle. An argument with Nahia Charaiz convinced him any more time spent in the Earth Sphere would be detrimental to his health. During the public speech at Side 3, he used his AoA IFF to join up with a smaller transport ship and steal a prototype unit, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.

It didn't take him long to lose it, either - shortly afterwards he engaged combat with a MIST soldier, ultimately losing... but emerging as a Newtype. Detained in a MIST maximum security prison, he was given two options for punishment. Death, or re-enlistment for the time being with a greater punishment to be decided. Always thinking he'd rather die than be chained to the military again, he suddenly became extremely scared of death, now having an actual will to live and do something with his life.

His answer was the total opposite of what he normally would have chosen, but hasn't found himself entirely regretting it. Given the prototype Gundam X to test his Newtype ability, it was confirmed to him that he was, in fact, a Newtype. This realization confused him, and almost angered him - if he was a Newtype, why didn't it manifest before? Why now when he didn't need it?

Nevertheless, in the Gundam X, he was given orders to attack a VS city and test the capabilities of the bit suits, losing one in the progress. Upon return, he was given yet another assignment, to assist in a raid on the Alliance Haven forward base. He was given only enough time to rest as it took to re-outfit his suit with a set of Divider parts, and then he was off again.

In this exhausted state, he ended up losing most of the Divider, having to carry his own Mobile Suit's torso out with the bit suit. His punishment was confirmed by the time he got back - 6 months of service at the MIST mining facility around Jupiter. He left from the Martian Sphere for Jupiter just before the Divinidad went up, news never travelling to him of the event.

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