John and Max Switch Bodies is the third episode of T-o-s (Season 1).

It was released on January 20th, 2014. In this episode John and Max fight over a magical camera wich switches up their bodies.


John and Max fight over a magical camera that switches their bodies.

By: Roc.


John and Max grab a magical camera twice, a light flashes on John as takes his voice and the light flashes on Max taking John's voice, John and Max split up. John connects the camera to his arm and flashes it on himself and it flashes on Max. John has his voice back and Max has his back.

By: Roc.


Puss in Boots as John.

Undertaker as Max.

By: Roc.


The video was made on January 20th, 2014.

Videos were made with Puss in Boots and Undertaker sitting on the bed. After taking 3 snapshots Roc imported his photos Roc picked the duration 1.

By: Roc.

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