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Johnny is awesome. Nuff said. He is a user who has very strong opinions about things (which he will defend to within an inch of his life) and, due to his experience, has a lot of real life sense: a good grounding for the board. A sports fan and always keen to make a bet, Johnny is a friendly face around the place.

Johnny LaRue In GAJ

Johnny LaRue found GAJ through Jack Attack with his GameFAQs name, The Easy Reader. He almost immediately became an administrator for his huge help and effort. Many things including finding Jack's background history, advertising the board (both in real life and on the internet), among other projects. But he asked not to be an admin because he would rather be a regular poster than an admin.

What Users think of Johnny

  • Great guy. Fun to talk to and debate with (now that was fun). - Matt44au
  • I'd say if he was a candy, he'd taste all sour. With a hint of ketchup. Yeah. Thats it. Ketchup... - griffinlancer

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