Ordo Dracul
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Rebel, loner, pissed off Gangrel, and Scourge. Graduate of San Dumbass high school which explains why he can not read. Johnny Relic is a reckless loose cannon who plays by his own rules....none.

Relic was accused of killing and diablerizing Seamus O'Connell by Wesley Corso. Under mounting political pressure and presumed guilt then-prince Kanis ordered Relic bloodhunted. However, he had already fled court before an offical announcement could be made. Kanis ordered the Gangrel elder Nightwolf to get Relic.

The events following that order are unclear. Nightwolf has claimed that he obeyed his orders. Tracking down Relic and staking him, but giving his body to the unknowns in the forbidden zone as a peace offering. When Nightwolf was questioned regarding the whereabouts of Relic Mr. Law presented a boon contract that Relic had signed. The contract had turned to ash, indicating that Relic met his final death at the hands of the Others.

An alternate story that was presented at the time is that Nightwolf merely hid Relic's body from vampiric society. While there was no evidence publicly shown to support this belief for some time, Relic reappeared recently causing significant concern and questions among the Kindred of San Andreas.

As a twist that could link the two stories the Others have openly provided Relic safe haven and he has made clear that he walks freely among them.

Relic has asked to return to Kindred society, demanding an open trial so he may prove his innocence. This demand has been met with open skepticism and concern that he may have had himself mystically altered to conceal his crimes.



Played by Nick #3, whose previous Crimson Shadow Requiem characters predate the current chronicle and include the Mekhet seducing, covenant hopping Gangrel Brock, and the most hair trigger Mekhet on the face of planet, Ashlon James .

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