• Mr Johnson - 1st floor purgotory
  • Oswald Skylarke - invisible in heaven


  • Mister Johnson Second floor
  • Richley Thorn First floor b1
  • John Smith Fourth floor b2
  • Mel Mulligan Sixth floor brewery back booth b3
  • Harold Moore Ninth floor b4
  • Miyoko Ninth floor b4

Yoshi's Bar

  • Asian man Private booth


  • Jack Johnson

The Epicenter

  • Richard Skylarke Dance Floor

Beano's collection

  • Don Bonanno tacoma

Smith's Pub Jimmy Smith

The Reaper Boz Renfield north private booth

DeClerry's Bar - Cambridge Drive & W. Anselm Street (tacoma) Rodney Boren

aztech food court


       level 2 nightclub

Bunny's in Auburn a graying old man told you circuit couriers

Lin on 7th st north Jackie on valley street

1 in Platinum club 1 in purple haze -- PURPLE HAZE tacoma east (s of main & venice)

TraderVix south east tacoma abandoned building general ives - bottom level of fort case someone at Satyricon on portland

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