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  • Currently, [from the same IP address] you can create as many [...] accounts as you want [...], with the following limitations:
You can create up to five accounts [...].
You can create no more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period.
a) Upon request, [file a support ticket a week or two ahead of time], an IP address for a school or business can be cleared for multiple-account creation (whitelisting) for a limited time period.
If you're still creating accounts [after that time period] and need it extended, just file a [support] ticket a week or two ahead of time.
Please note that [residents] will be able to use Second Life on any computer that supports the software; it's only account creation that is limited.
b) Another way around the above limitation is to recommend that account creation be made from home, i.e., different IP addresses.
  • Once your location has been cleared for multiple-account creation, all your group members can join.
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