Join Teen Second Life for the Rest of Us

  • If you are 13 to 17 years old and you're joining Teen Second Life not because one of your teachers said you were and is taking care of it for you. You're joining Teen Second Life because:
a) one of your teachers said you were and is not taking care of it for you; or
b) you want to, and
reside outside the USA or Canada, even if you are of either nationality.
Please read first Join Second Life from Same IP Address, if there's a whole group trying to create an account.
After you fill in
I was born [Month] [Day] [Year]
A new window opens
Select ID method
Mobile Phone
Sorry, Mobile Phone identification is only available in the United States and Canada. Please use PayPal instead.
a) Got PayPal? Great. Go to Join Teen Second Life and start at "1 Create an Account."
b) Don't have PayPal or credit card to Sign Up? You do belong to the Rest of Us.
There appears to be an issue with the teen registration process.
Could you please let us know which Second Life account name you would like to activate?
To confirm your age eligibility for the Teen grid, please can you send Linden Lab a legible copy of a government-issued identification document (state ID, passport, birth certificate or similar) that clearly includes both your name and date of birth.
You may send your ID via attachment to a support ticket, fax or post. Please include your support ticket number reference in any communication.
Best regards,
Linden Lab and the Second Life Community Team
Second Life Support
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Fax 415-651-9221
Second Life Account Name
Go to Join Teen Second Life and start at "1 Create an Account."
Select ID method

[Create Account]
If someone registers a Second Life name (Real name, Password, etc.) but doesn't finish the registration, the name is labeled as taken and unusable even though there was never a registration confirmation email sent out.
Support Ticket
Only Second Life Residents have access to support tickets. If you need help, ask for assistance from a Second Life Resident you know or contact the author of this manual.

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