Jon Carin (born October 21, 1964 in New York) is a musician, producer, engineer, writer and programmer who plays keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, drums and sings.

Also known as the front-man (lead vocalist, keyboard and guitar player) of the 80s band Industry, whose 1984 breakthrough single State Of The Nation was followed in the same year by the successful album Stranger To Stranger.

After the breakup of the band, he was asked by Industry's producer Rhett Davies to work with Bryan Ferry on Bryan's Boys and Girls album. He then joined Bryan at Live Aid in London where he met David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (who had joined Bryan on guitar). This spawned an accidental twenty year career of assisting other artists in any way possible. In 2006 he toured with both David Gilmour (on the "On An Island" tour) and Roger Waters (Dark Side of the Moon Live)

Carin is now an established session man and has performed on many albums and DVDs, including:

Richard Butler

  • Richard Butler

Pink Floyd

Roger Waters

  • In the Flesh Live CD and DVD
  • Flickering Flame CD

The Who

  • The Concert for New York City
  • Quadrophenia

Pete Townshend

  • Lifehouse
  • Maryville Academy

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