Jonty was one of the 6 and Co-Founder and leader of the Yodasists.

Early Life

Like all The 6 Jontys appearence in Yodaville is a mystery that no one knows.

He grew up with the other members of The 6 in the Lowlands. However when he grew to be a teenager, The 6 split in two and Jonty, with luke and Alex forming the Yodasists, a group intent on keeping the peace.

The War

Shorty after a recruiting mission, Blue Faction launched an attack on the Yodasists. The attack did no phsyical damage but provoked the Yodasists into a more violent nature. Similar skirmishes followed and the Yodasists began fighting back on a larger scale, though with no tactics or co-ordination. These attacks were repeled easily and this fustrated the yodasists even more.

However Many Blue Faction members fell ill and the Yodasists, led by jonty, won many victories against the sick and weak of Blue Faction.

But it didn't last, Blue faction returned to full strength and the War became a stalemate.

The End

After many long weeks Lewis came to Jonty with a proposition for a truce. Jonty and the Yodasists humiliated him, but finnaly accepted on their terms.

However the peace was short lived. The locals taking care of Jonty and the Yodasists bound and gagged them, transporting them to a secret facility deep in the heart of the mainland.

Jonty was placed in a happy camp, where he resided untill the Schism of the Empire. There he and the remaining Yodasists founded the Second Yodasists and fought abck against the crumbling Blue Empire.

Jonty led a campaign which punched through the mainland, Downtown and the lowlands towards the Empires Capital at The Imperial Citadel.

The final battle was met on the streets outside. Hordes of Clones fought the Yodasists.

If Jonty did one thing wrong, it was to presume The Emperor would not return. The Emperor in a fresh clone body (not even 10 years old), caught the Yodasists in a pincer movement killing them all.

Jonty perished in the attack, but his apprentice fled to the Lowlands where he regrouped the last Yodasists.

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