The Adventures of Jorran Skorm

The Adventures of Jorran Skorm is an unofficial South African full length movie, set ten years in to the future, that is being filmed by eight teenagers as a test project. It was created by Excalibur Films and is being produced by Eight Dudes Productions. The movie is currently scheduled for release in early 2008.

Plot Revealed so Far

"Either way, you loose something"

The movie centers itself around the main character,Jorran Skorm, an escaped test subject of the SilverWraith Project; a United States experiment to create psionically enhanched super-soldiers. Skorm was tortured, and his mind was broken down many times due to powerful sedatives and Hypnosis. Skorm was able to escape when the lead scientist, Devon Latt, was killed by an electricity overload on a computer terminal.

Jorran Skorm has been on the run for three years at the start of the movie, pursued by a condition 5 police warrant and a Military "Black Ops" squad, NavalCorp, under the command of Commander Adrian Stukov.

As the movie starts, Jorran (In his newly acquired Xambori Roadster) is escaping a police pursuit, running through the city of Greyport. Jorran's lifelong best friend, Arcturus "Fox" Rollance, is navigating him through the tough city in the passenger's seat. The scene uses Psychedelik Record's latest track, Greyport City Chase.

Jorran manages to evade the pursuit after collapsing a bridge and escaping on to the nearest freeway. Jorran then drives to his nearest safehouse, where he subtly reveals he is one of the world's richest men (although few have this knowledge) due to the various high-paying mercenary work he has done over the last three years.

Jorran and Fox decided to hide out in the safe house, as it is the only safe place until the police call off the pursuit. While Fox is watching TV, a Greyport City News alert comes on, and warns the population that Jorran Skorm has been sighted in the city. Hearing this, the duo decide to escape Greyport as soon as possible.However, they are soon interupted by a knocking sound on the door. Jorran tells Fox to hold up and warily approaches the door,and opens it about 30 degrees wide. There is a NavalCorp Soldier outside. He orders Jorran to open the door, and Skorm opens the door enough so the soldier can see his face. The soldiers last words are "Jorran Skorm...." before Jorran shoots him with a small out pistiol concealed in his pocket.

Jorran and Fox run down the stairs and out the door, plouging through a squad of soldiers and reach the car and get inside. The two drive out of the now besieged city and head for Everest City.

In the next scene, Jorran's Xambori Roadster travels down a singular road, surrounded by a towering forest. Jorran, using his slight psionic capabilities, predicts there is something wrong. He stops the car, gets out, and proceeds to examine a tree. He notices fresh blood on the trunk of the tree. Jorran then examines another tree, and then notices their are several bullets laying on the surrounding area...

As Jorran turns around, he is ambushed by NavalCorp soldiers and new RH50 robots, and quickly realizes that either the world war has escalated or his following his movements. Jorran and Fox escape in the Roadster, and speed towards Everest City. The forest is later set ablaze when the Soviet Union unleashes it's tanks through the forest.

On the way, Jorran puts in a call to his Information Merchant, Collin Graves. Jorran is curious about the events around the third world war. Collin Agrees to meet Jorran in an abandoned section of the huge city.

After meeting up, Collin reveils that the information Jorran held was incorrect, and every continent now wars with others, due to a major communication breakdown. The most forefront faction is NavalCorp, which Collin says is a major mercanery army for hire, which currently is working for America. Collin also says that they are the ones who put a bounty on Jorran head, as they apparently want to exterminate all threats to American existance. Collin says that if Jorran wants to end the war, and take the bounty off his head, they will have to destroy NavalCorp.

Jorran's only reply was: "I can make a person's day a lucky one, but this seems a little out of my league..." Reluctantly, Jorran agrees with what Collin said, and Collin pledges his help to the team.

List of Characters

Jorran Skorm is the main, and often conflicted, Hero and main protaganist of the film. Skorm is cool and calculating, never reveals more than he has to, and possesses a natural aptitude for several weapons and is a natural codebreaker.

Arcturus "Fox" RollanceThe secondary Protaganist of the film, Arcturus Rollance prefers to go by his nickname "Fox" as he deems his real name long and unessescary. Fox is a natural genius with technology, and is often called upon by Jorran to assist in computer endeavours. Fox is Jorran's only real friend, and the two have often saved each others lives a dozen times. When in a team, Fox and Jorran become an undefeatable fighting force.

Collin Graves Collin is a somewhat mysterious character, who grew up with Jorran while they were children, and is also one on the few people Jorran trusts. Collin is a high-payed Information Broker, who has been used to an extreme extent by Jorran, who now has placed his loyalties in NavalCorp....

Adrian Stukov Jorran's Arch Rival, Stukov underwent the SilverWraith project after Skorm did, with much better results. Stukov is an Admiral in the NavalCorp Ground Corps army, and is leading the team to hunt down Skorm. Stukov is later mocked by Jorran, wo states: "You've got an unusual first name for a Russain..."


Bryan Smith - Jorran Skorm

Rahul Dowlath - Arcturus "Fox" Rollance

Kunal Rugnath - Collin Graves

Shailin Moodley - Commander Adrian Stukov

Dewalt Sadie - Captain Evan Wordsmith

Nimesh Naran - Steven Flayes


"Well done, Jorran. You've ...beaten.. me. And you've ..ended.. the war. But... heh... you've got last ...choice... to make. This complex is a trap. When I die, this place will Explode. Either you have your ....revenge by killing me here, and dying as well, or leaving, and ....fosaking your friends avengement. Either way, loose something."

- A dying Stukov to Jorran Skorm

"So, what's on the agenda today, Skorm? blowing up a factory, stealing bueprints, or assasination, or perhaps sabotage?"

- Fox to Jorran before escaping Greyport City

"Killing him was nessescary. Killing you is too. I work for NavalCorp and they pay me well for it. An, besides, I've always hated you anyway..."

-Collin Graves to Jorran Skorm

List of Companies involved in the project:

Excalibur Films - creator and undertaker of the development of the films, currently co-headed by Bryan Smith and Rahul Dowlath

Eight Dudes Productions - the official producer of the movie, headed by Kunal Rugnath.

Psychedelik Records - official producers of the movie soundtrack, headed by Rahul Dowlath

Unseen Enterprizes - responsible for film animation and sound effects, headed by Bryan Smith

Each of the above companies has provided a major role in the production of the film, and will be listed in the final credits of the movie.


Director, Bryan Smith, stated on his personal blog that a website for the film was currently under contstruction, and would be released in early January. Smith states that the website will make use of Excalibur Films Gold Membership, so a login to the full site will be available.

Movie Tools

Bryan Smith and Rahul Dowlath, the creators and directors in the film, decided to make the movie entirely out of computer software and ordinary items that were available to the public masses. Rahul specialized in the animating areas, using the Anim8or program, while Bryan focused on writing up the storyline and castings, using Microsoft Word and Celtx. For movie editing, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie are being used.

Both used common household items and re-fashioned them in to props, for instance, Jorran's hold out pistol is a common water hose trigger painted black with a silver streak running down the side.

For animating car scenes, Bryan looked a several footages of Car tyres preforming drifts, revving, and normal turns, and advised Rahul on how to make them appear on screen. Rahul's mastery with anim8or is greatly speading up progress.

For music, Rahul Dowlath is composing several tracks, namely (so far) Greyport Citty Chase,The Name's Skorm and Im Lookin' for a fight.

Revealed Easter Eggs

Juju, the official website and company of Bryan Smith and Rahul Dowlath, is to be advertised in Greyport city. After Ten years, it is one of the wealthiest companies in the world.

Psychedelik Records is set to be seen with it's own DigiStore in the movie.

Silverwraith, from the Silverwraith project, was Bryan Smith's username on Bebo and Wordpress.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The production team are reluctant to give an ETA, as they do not wish to rush the project, but estimate that it will be ready by May, 2008.

Official Screen shots were uploaded to Bryan Smith's website, for the public to see.


The Official Adventures of Jorran Skorm update page:


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