[Szlamnik] is a vocational specialist for Hyde Street Community Services. He has been an active public service supporter since 1997. He is an extensively experienced and well-qualified professional that is presently pursuing Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, focusing on marriage and family therapy, at the University of San Francisco. He is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor through the California Board of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Counselors. In addition to this, Joe is a registered addiction specialist through The Breining Institute. According to him, dysfunctional emotions are often the main cause for physical illness so, it is highly essential to find a holistic method to cope with these emotions in order to promote a state of well being in people.

In 1984, Joseph Szlamnik received his Bachelor’s degree in History, focusing on US and European Studies, from San Francisco State University. While pursuing his degree at the University, he was member of the San Francisco and was also associated with the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity ( Later in 2002, he completed his Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. In Spring 2011, he was awarded the Drug and Alcohol Studies Certificate by the City College of San Francisco. An extensively experienced professional, Joseph currently works as a therapist trainee at Daly City Youth Health Center, Daly City, CA.

Furthermore, he was an Accredited Visitor at The Mended Hearts Association through the local Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, CA, from 1999 to 2003. Joseph Szlamnik was also a Corporate Rally Speaker at The American Heart Association's Heart Walk in San Francisco, CA in 2006. Apart from this, he was also on the Board of Living Resource Center and served as the Field Election Deputy for City and County of San Francisco Department of Elections from 2007-2010. Since 2009, he has been a active Member considered in “good standing” at the Breining Institute. From 2007 to March 2009, he was the Substance Abuse Counselor at The Salvation Army ARC in San Francisco, CA. prior to joining the organization he served as the Senior Management Assistant at San Francisco Unified School District. Whenever Joe gets some free time from his busy schedule, he enjoys participating or attending sporting events, socializing with friends, and spending time with his family. For more information, please browse through

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