Josh is a secondary character. As such, his past is mostly usless. However, his past at the academy is quite funny, filled with puns, Panthers that maul him, and making the resident Healer (Yugure) mad by taking his way to win. However he does have a different way of winning, namely pumping up a creature to the amount needed, usually using berserk and Regrowth.

Cabal past

Josh has usually won in the Cabal's tournaments, but the following have bested him:

  • Ryu
  • Yoketa
  • Rog (Deceased)
  • Rar (Slew Josh)

He joined with Ryu to see if he cannot find Rar, and (at the very least) get stronger.

Due to Arcanis being destoryed,Voldo now can come to Arcanis. So the quest that Ryu made was for nothing. Sarcasm/Hurrah for planar destruction./Sarcasm


Josh has only died twice, once in the cabal, and once when Arcanis was attacked. He is now currently seeking vengance along with a group in a quest. Hopefully, with the healer there, they will make it out unscathed.


  • There has been a running gag involving a Pit of DOOM! and Josh Peterson. The Pit's effect, which seems only to work on Josh, is to pull him into it as if it were a black hole.
  • Josh was the (unwitting) guinea pig for Chiv's Body Shop.
  • Josh is the only Seachi who has his whole immediate family as part of him.
  • There is a running gag where Josh gets devoured constantly by things at least three times his size.

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