There was a man called Joshua Jones and he lived on a canal boat. He was going to live at Karia's Residence. “Make way for Joshua Jones!” Shouted Baboo and Datsa Karia cheefully. “Welcome to our Residence!” “Thank you, Baboo and Datsa.” Said Josh. “It’s good to live in a new home. What’s your son and grandson’s name?” “His name is Ravi.” Said Baboo. “He’s my grandson.” “And he’s my son.” Said Datsa. “Ravi, meet Joshua Jones! He’s come to live in a new home.” “Pleased to meet you, Josh.” Said Ravi. “Pleased to meet you too, Ravi.” Said Josh. “Hey, what do you say that you and I will take some trips.” “Oh yes, Josh! I’d love to!” Said Ravi happly. “Fine. We’ll take some trips tomorrow. But right now, I’m going to meet other new people.” Said Josh. “OK, Josh.” Said Ravi. So Josh started his canal boat and went. It wouldn’t be too long he was setting sail. The first new person he met was a farmer with his horse. “Hello, I’m Joe Laski. And this is my horse, Trojan.” Said a farmer. “What’s your name?” “My name is Joshua Jones.” Said Josh. “But you can call me Josh for short.” “Would you like to help me with some hay?” Asked Joe. “Oh yes please, Joe.” Said Josh. “Do you know where the hay is?” “Of course.” Said Joe. “I’ll show you.” Joe showed Josh that the hay was in his shed. “When I pick hay for my tracktor,” Said Joe, “the storm comes. Rotten wet hay make cows sick.” “Oh,” Said Josh, “What makes you think there’s a storm coming?” “I not think, Josh, I know.” Said Joe. “But you can help me sometimes.” “Oh that’s good.” Said Josh. “Well, I’d better go now. It’s been nice to meet you, Joe.” “And it’s been nice to meet you too, Josh.” Said Joe. Next he met a little girl. “Hello,” Said a little girl, “I’m Fiona Cashmore. Who are you?” “I’m Joshua Jones.” Said Josh. “But call me Josh for short.” “Well, nice to meet you, Josh.” Said Fiona. “I want you to meet the local vetarinian, Daphne Peacock, who is often called in to take care of sick animals.” “Who are you, you stupid man?” Asked Daphne, who wasn’t happy. “I’m Joshua Jones. But call me Josh for short.” Said Josh. “Why don’t you like me?” “Well, Josh,” Said Daphne, “I don’t want someone new.” “I beg your pardon.” Said Josh. “Oh just ignore her, Josh.” Said Fiona. “She just doesn’t care about you. But thank you for meeting us, Josh.” “My pleasure, Fiona.” Said Josh. And he went back on his canal boat. Next he met a lazy accident-prone orange-haired chap. “Hello, mate, My name is Spanner Wilkins.” Said a young man. “But call me Spanner for short. What’s yours?” “Joshua Jones.” Said Josh. “But call me Josh for short.” “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me singing a song to you.” Said Spanner. “No.” Said Josh. “Go on.” And Spanner began to sing. “Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Everybody has got a friend! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Everybody is new today!” “That’s a nice song, Spanner! Barvo!” Said Josh. “Thank you, Josh.” Said Spanner. “Well I’d better go and see my girlfriend at her bistro wagon. You’ll meet her at lunchtime. I’ll see you there!” Josh was very pleased. Next he would go and meet a local rich busybody. He went inside and upstairs in a room. A local rich busybody was laughing. “Sir, where are you?” Said Josh. “I’m in a bag.” Laughed a local rich busybody. He was giggling. “Just pull the bag off my head.” He laughed. He hummed. Then Josh pulled the bag off his head. “This is a delightful pleasure to meet you.” Said a rich busybody. “No wonder the people put cucumbers on your face.” Chuckled Josh. “Well,” Said a rich busybody who was unsure, “I suppose they would, wouldn’t they? But clear is near. Then he rubbed his face and cleared off the cucumbers. Then he put his hat on. “My name is Joshua Jones.” Said Josh. “But you can call me Josh for short.” “My name is Wilton Cashmore.” Said a rich busybody. “Well nice to meet you, Wilton!” Said Josh delighted. “Oh, Uh, Mr. Cashmore, if you don’t mind me saying so.” Said Wilton. “Have you met my daughter, Fiona?” “Yes I have, Mr. Cashmore.” Replied Josh. “She is rather nice, but she does get angry sometimes. I like to boss my staff around. I go to great lengths to try to impress my own boss, Mr. Biggott.” Said Mr. Cashmore. And he began to sing. “Money is my favourite thing. Money is lovely. I would like to have more cash. That’s why I’m called Mr. Cashmore. Money is good. Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money is the greatest thing and I like cash.” “That’s a nice song, Mr. Cashmore.” Said Josh. “Oh thank you very much, Josh.” Said Mr. Cashmore. “Uh, you’d better go now. But it’s been nice to meet you, Josh.” “It’s been nice to meet you too, Mr. Cashmore.” Said Josh. “On the other hand, I think it’s lunchtime now.” So Josh went back outside and went to see Spanner again. “Josh, meet my girlfriend, Sharon!” Said Spanner. “She’s a dizzy blonde girl who sells food from her bistro wagon by the canal!” “Oh pleased to meet you, Josh!” Said Sharon excitedly. “Here are Fish and Chips for you and Spanner!” “Thanks, Sharon.” Said Spanner. “Welcome to Sharon’s bistro wagon!” “Thanks, Spanner.” Said Josh. Then he and Spanner ate Fish and Chips all up. But Spanner’s mouth went down until he was thinking. “Uh, Josh,” Said Spanner, “I’ve just had a thought. What if you’ve had a pet?” “Well, the thing is, Spanner, I don’t have a pet.” Said Josh. “In fact, I think I might have a pet now. It’s a good idea, don’t you think?” “Oh, uh, you could be right, Josh.” Agreed Spanner. “Well, I’ve got to go now, Spanner. And it’s been nice to meet you, Spanner.” Said Josh. “Thanks, Josh,” Said Spanner, “and we’ll all see you on your canal boat.” Josh went back on his canal boat and off he went. Josh had met all the new people. It was time to go back home when suddenly all the new people were singing. “When you’re new, you’re welcome to meet us. You’re a nice man and you live on your canal boat. Hooray! When you’re new, you’re welcome to meet us. You’re a greatest man we’ve ever met! Yes!” “That was a nice song, everybody.” Said Josh. “And I’m so lucky to have friends around.” “Yes.” Said Baboo. “You’re the best man.” “And we’ve got a present for you.” Said Ravi. “What’s that?” Said Josh. “Open it,” Said Ravi, “And you will see.” Josh opened a present. It was a yorkshire terrier dog. “Thank you for my present, everybody.” Said Josh. “What are you going to call him?” Asked Ravi. “Fairport.” Answered Josh. “Good name!” Agreed everyone.

The End!


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