My Soap Box

Hi everyone! Welcome! I'm very fortunate to have found this class, BECA 670 and San Francisco State University. I want to share with you my love and pride in being involved on campus as well as my beautiful San Francisco community. This is my last semester at SFSU, so I will share with you my special findings. GO GATORS!!


Right after I graduated from high school I decided to attend San Francisco State University. I was not afraid to leave my home town, Stockton, but in doing so I realized that I would be alone. Therefore, I needed to create a sense of community and I did so on campus. Since cheerleading was a huge part of my life in high school I wanted it to be the first activity that I was involved in at SFSU. I was one of two freshmen on a predominately junior/senior Cheer team. I cheered for a year and enjoyed my time attending the basketball and soccer games along with all kinds of other athletic events. The next campus organization that I became involved with is an international sorority called Phi Sigma Sigma. I was an active member for two years and disaffiliated from this organization to start my own local sorority. I am one of four founders of Delta Kappa Sigma, a non-profit local sorority at SFSU. Recently Delta Kappa Sigma has become officially recognized on campus! Another club that I joined was a club that pertained to my major, College Students in Broadcasting (CSB). I earned enough points through participating in the events with CSB to graduate with honors. My campus and community involvement has also helped me win an award. I am a Community Service Learning (CSL) Award recipient. Every candidate has to be nominated by a professor in their department; I was nominated by Dr. Hamid Khani. While I represent the BECA department, my recognition is based on my outstanding involvement on campus and in the community. I look forward to my luncheon ceremony with the President of the University, meeting the other CSL winners from other departments, and celebrating our achievements later this spring.


San Francisco State University has also provided me a sense of community through my academic courses. SFSU has a wonderful reputation and legacy; students on my campus lead the biggest strike for my favorite department, Ethnic Studies. The Ethnic Studies (ETHS) department has been my community at home away from home. I have learned to think critically and learned to put names to the institutional systems that create injustice. I have found in these classrooms, a safe space, where I was able to have a voice to be listened to and understood. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world and space around me because of what I have learned in this department.

I bridged what I learned in ETHS into my own BECA department. This is where I get to play out my passion for social justice with media. My favorite theory classes within my department were Asian Media and Women in the Media, not to mention my Advanced Video Production class where I worked on a commercial campaign for a non-profit organization in San Francisco. Another hidden gem within the department is a class called Creativity and Problem Solving in the Media. I have learned how to create media with meaningful messages.

Throughout my college career what I’ve learned the most - what I will never forget - is knowledge is a privilege, to whom I owe to the women who gave their lives for me to be in the classroom in the first place. For them and myself, I will never be afraid or remain silenced. I will make them proud.

Care for yourself

There are a couple of great benefits of being a student at SFSU. Take advantage of the free workshops that range from: stress and time management, healthy relationships, how to make healthy eating choices, and even a personal nutritionist. All of these can be found at the Student Health Center.

For your technological needs I would recommend going to the Division of Informational Technology trainings (DoIt). You can learn: html, dreamweaver, photoshop, excel, and many other programs.

Everything that I have mentioned here is free as long as you are a student!

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