Joyful Chorus is a hallucinogenic drug that is mostly used by Jeremytus Jereaz, and sometimes Ryu Phoenix.

Joyful Chorus can likely be found on multiple planes under one name or another, but this name is its Ravnican name. The plant is so named because it is usually found in the same vacinity as more joyful dryads, memebers of the Selesnyan Conclave. In its unaltered state, it contains hallucinogenic properties to the one that consumes it. At this time it is unknown whether smoking it would have a similar or dissimilar effect. It can be found in the forested areas of Arcanis in plant form, and small quantities are also under lock and key in the Hospital Wing.

One use for the plant is in the formation of an numbing salve when ground and mixed with other reagents. Yugure Haylen is typically the one to make this and is the reason for the Hospital Wing's stach of such a plant.

Around the Academy, people have grown cautious accepting drinks, foods and other edible substances from each other. This is because Jeremytus Jereaz once made it his mission to attempt to spike everyone in the Academy with it - even Keepers, which failed miserably.

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