Jr. Meets Yum-Yum

Jr. Pac-Man steps outside and sees Blinky's daughter. Her name is Yum-Yum with a little white bow on her head. But soon, Blinky tries to eat Jr., then Ms. Pac-Man rushes out of the house and eats a power pill, causing the ghosts to turn blue. Finally, Ms. Pac-Man happily saves her son and goes back home, along with him. (Played after round 1)

The Gift

Jr. Pac-Man proceeds to bring a red balloon to Yum-Yum as a present. Very happy to see her, he meets her on a little bridge and gives her the balloon, but Blinky secretly lurks inside the bushes. (Played after round 3)

They Escape!

Blinky jumps out of the bush. As Yum-Yum quickly lets go of the balloon, Blinky is about to kill Jr. once and for all, and Ms. Pac-Man comes again to save her son. Blinky chases her away, while both Jr. Pac-Man and Yum-Yum run across the screen. They fall in love, with little red hearts spinning all around them. (Played after rounds 5, 7, and 9)

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