• belle -- pocahontas
  • king triton -- john smith
  • flounder -- thomas
  • judge claude frollo -- kocoum


  • When Frollo get spotted, a frightened Triton. Belle cries, "Frollo! No!". Frollo uses the stick, and gets a sword. Flounder shoots the judge claude, and defeated, I met you Evil Emperor Zurg.


  • King Triton: Let's go talk to her father.
  • [Belle and Triton kiss like romanace Flounder sniper rifle. Frollo to see a Belle and Triton gets watch.]
  • Belle: [gasps] FROLLO! NO!!
  • [Frollo use the stick attack. Triton knocking off the Frollo. Frollo uses the sword like a knife sharp.]
  • Frollo: Grrr! How dare you defy me?!
  • Belle: Frollo! [Flounder appears.] Leave him alone! [Frollo and Triton still arguing, Frollo sword pulls her Triton.] Frollo, stop!
  • Flounder: Both eyes opens. [He shots the judge claude! Lay down adn Frollo's death.]
  • King Triton: Flounder!
  • Flounder: Is he?
  • Belle: You killed him.
  • Flounder: I thought him...
  • Belle: Get away for me him!
  • King Triton: Belle, it won't help! He was only...
  • Belle: He killed him!

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