• Judge Judy as Thomas
  • Devil Kazuya as Edward
  • Goentiz as Henry
  • Orochi as Gordon
  • Rita Repulsa as James
  • LadyDevimon as Percy
  • Sagat as Toby
  • Sigma as Duck
  • Goldar as Donald
  • Rito as Douglas
  • Lord Zedd as Oliver
  • Gia Moran as Diesel
  • Noah Carver as Bill
  • Orion as Ben
  • Heihachi Mishima as BoCo
  • Jake Holling as Daisy
  • Devimon as Mavis
  • Geese Howard as Stepney
  • Sharptooth as Emily
  • Becky as Steam Engine
  • Mephiles the Dark as Lady
  • Emma Goodall as Diesel 10
  • Tex as Splatter
  • Rex as Dodge
  • Vickie as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin as Lady Hatt
  • Cycloid Emperor as Murdoch
  • Kazuya Mishima as Spencer
  • Dr. Robotink as Caroline
  • Knuckles as Cranky
  • The Scorpion aka Astro as Murdoch

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