Judith Eva Barsi (born July 6, 1978) is an American Actress, Singer and Dancer.

Family History

Jozsef "Arizona Joe" Barsi immigrated from Hungary at the age of 12. He settled in France and married a Hungarian Cartoonist named Klara, with whom he had two children, a son named Barna (born 1957) and a daughter named Agi (born 1958), both magnificent Dancers and Singers. Jozsef has a very passionate love for Broadway Musicals, Film, Art, Animation and Vaudeville, he soon started working with Illustrator, Writer and Cartoonist, Ludwig Bemelmans as his assistant. In an Children's Autobiography he wrote and illustrated, he wrote that he wanted to Work on Broadway as a Star of both Musical and Non-Musical Dramas and Comedies. He also wrote a Script for a Musical Comedy about a Family experiencing life in New York City in the 1930s. He called the Script "The Great White Way" and wanted to make it a success when he moves to New York with his family. He's also a Humanitarian, Singer, Composer and Lyricist.

After the Family moved to New York in 1964, Jozsef finally got his big break when The Great White Way premiered at the Fifth Avenue Theatre (Now the Ethel Merman Theater) and was an immediate smash-hit. It broke the record of most Tony Award wins with a total of nine out of nine Nominations including Best Musical.

When Judith's birth quickly followed in Los Angeles, California, Jozsef agreed to be an understudy of Robert Preston as "Max Bloom" in the Revival of the Madcap Slapstick Musical Comedy The Guilsons at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.


Jozsef and Klara soon began grooming their daughter to become an actress.

As Judith's career success increased, Jozsef become increasingly happy, kinder and prouder, he would routinely incourage Judith to be the greatest Star ever in the world. He also wants her to be the greatest activist of every issues. Before leaving to shoot the film version of Jozsef's Musical of the same name, Jozsef was very impressed with Judith, telling her, "After the shooting is finished, i want you to donate lots of Money for Charitable Causes. Cherish you're love of singing, it's God's gift."

After the shooting, Judith donated more than $43,000,000 for countless Charitable Causes, causing Jozsef to write and illustrate a Children's Book about the attack of Pearl Harbor called "A Date that will live in Infamy".

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