Juel’s of Rome is a Music Publicist Company founded by Juel Salazar in 2007.

Services offered:

· Music Publicizing

· Celebrity Booking

· Event Coordination

Juel Founder & C.E.O. of *Juel’s of Rome,

Juel has been in the music business her whole life. She is a descent of the Cono family, who lead the Great Orchestra Band in Chihuahua Mexico in the 1920’s. From the age of 5 she would sit in on piano sessions making simple beats, dancing, to writing my own songs with her father. By the age of 13 Juel was a professional jazz dancer, taught tap dance to toddlers, and was a featured singer in her parents Top40/Jazz Band. Members of the band consisted of her Father-Drummer, Mother-Lead Singer, Guitar Bass player- Chewy (her God Parent), Bass Player-Bobbie her uncle, Keyboard-(member was a friend of the family), and Sax-(member was a friend of the family). Shortly after her Great Uncle Eddie Cono -Famous Pianist Died of Cancer.

By the age of 16 Juel had developed her own band with a few friends of hers from high school, was modern jazz dancing, and professionally still modeling at several department stores to the Cat walk on the Runway!

At the age of 17 she was offered a contract with Elite magazine in Europe. Juel was at the time victimized by a rapist and turned down the offer to stay home and raise her beautiful Son. She continued in the Entertainment / Music industry modeling for Independent Clothing Stores and clothing lines and Singing hooks for upcoming Artist.

By the age of 28 Juel had revamp her goals within the music / entertainment Business. She started to build a network and marketed throughout the industry as well as study the industry that would soon take a change.

In 2007 she began to take the privilege of working with many talented artist, in assisting them with there goals. By 2008 Juel’s of Rome Developed and Published. JOR has had the opportunity in development & working with many talented artists who have a name today such as: (just to mention a few)

· “X-Man” of “Top Flight”Producer (produced for Lil Wayne, Menace, & more) / (BSAFE Development Director for NY state)

· “Bakardi/1fifty1”Producer & artist (Morning Jingle on / (Music Production Director of BSAFE)

· “V” aka “Joshua Bruny”- Founder & President of (MCL-Music Changing Lives) / (“V”- Music Production Director & Rap Artist)

Today I am a music publicist for Several Independent Artist / Labels and Medici Artist in affiliation with Interscope Records.

Juel's of Rome is in affiliation with: BBELIVE booking Agency, Medici Records, Centerstage Artist Ent., IE Takeover, B.S.A.F.E. "Building Safer Atmospheres for Entertainment" (J.Salazar - Founder & President), Boogie Brown Firm, & many more Ent / Music Industry Executives.

*The meaning behind Juel’s of Rome is (juels or jewels- are my artist / of my Rome- my Empire) /

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