Real Description:

This is an article dedicated to a friend of mine who I care about very much, we plan on making this a real project on YouTube one day and we hope you enjoy our ideas.

Fantasy Description:

Juli and Peridot's Bizarre Adventures is a very recent, Romantic-Comedy Science Fiction created by Alex Hopson that started in 2016 and is based off the works of both Rebecca Sugar and Danny Antonucci. Particularly Steven Universe and Ed Edd N Eddy

It's about the adventures of a girl named Juli, the people she meets and bonds with, coming to terms with a girl she has a crush on.....

.....While also dealing with Alien Beings called Crystal Gems, Space Pirates, Psychic Abilities, Bizarre Places, and an Upcoming Alien Invasion by Yellow Diamond. Amoung many other bizarre things.

It is confirmed by the authors that this takes place in the same world as Sujinara
Juli and Peridot

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