Julie appeared in my front seat after a brought a bunch of drunk kids to a party, quite a ways from campus.

A Young Girl

She said "Take me home". I asked her where and she was going and she was able to say "state street". I headed back toward campus and she got on the phone. She was calling some guy. The call did not seem to go well. She handed me the phone for directions to the guy's house, but he told me she should not come over and gave me directions to her house. She was one block over from State on Conn Terrace. When she called him back, he made it clear she was not welcome. When she asked where she should go, her response was "He doesn't know where I live". She then turned to me and asked me where she lived. When I told her, she looked at me surprised and asked how I knew. When I told her the guy told me she was very disappointed.

and on it went

When we got to conn terrace, she did not want to get out of the cab. I told her I had to pick someone else up she stayed in the front seat. I was just picking up Chuck, and I knew that would be Ok. But my call after that was 4 guys out at Deja Vu. No room for a drunk girl.

Was she or wasn't she?

After we dropped Chuck off she asked me to take her home. I told her I would, and she said "not my home". She told me how cool I was, how great I was, and she loved me. Drunk people are so flattering. I got the distinct impression she meant take her to my house. She had already opened up to me about her man, and how she knows its over, but keeps wanting to go back to him. When I got her to her house, she could not find her keys. We got her inside, by waking up her roommate. When I got back, I found her wallet, I dropped it back with a note and a card. I doubt she remembered who I was the next day.Y Taxi:Home:Passengers

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