The July War was a military conflict which took place primarily between the Hume and Nephilim races. Fighting primarily took place in the July Desert- hence the name- and the April Jungle in Utgardr. The war began when the leaders of Harvest and December where assassinated, the assassinations mistakenly attributed to the Nephilim and Hume respectively.

Casus Belli

The story of the war begins long before the assassinations, the two races having been at odds for at least three hundred years over a small temple where a Hume saint was martyred during a pilgrimage. Since that time the Hume and Nephilim have been at odds, the Hume research of April, the Martius Mountains, and the Sextilis Salt flats stymied due to the races disdain for each other. As tensions heightened, an Alvain Separatist Group looking to take a weakened Vanaheim for themselves, the Silver Hand, assassinated the head of state for the two countries and framed the other. July War

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