The Jumpweb of the Known Universe's version of the planet Earth has finally received visits by the Transdimensional Void Runners. The local government, the United Republic of Earth, is trying to play off the Hesychast missionaries from the Universe of the Magisterium, the A.I. machines from the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne, and the parallel-Earth nation of the Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller against each other. Representatives of the United Republic's Earth and universe have received aid from these three aforementioned extradimensional factions in traveling to alternate-universe Earths.

The Hesychast dimenion-jumpers seek to incorporate the United God Movement and Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun into the Official Magisterium as official sects.

Meanwhile, the United Earth Republic has already established diplomatic relations with the A.I.s from the Earth of the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne and with the Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller, and is looking to establish ties with the government of the Solar Throne and with various nations on Earth in the Universe of the Magisterium.

Visitors from the alternate universes are also traveling on spaceships via the Jumpgates to visit other worlds and solar systems, including those under House Lionheart, the Mantis Lords, the Horsehead Empire, and the section of space controlled by the A.I. robotic Golems.

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