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Appreciative Inquiry

Tricia Lustig from Lasa Development UK Ltd. Placeholder

Recent Research on e-Facilitation

Uwe Weissflog & John Symons

A good facilitator is like a conductor: -

The conductor endeavours to maintain a melodious performance in which the contributions of the various instruments are co-ordinated while:

The orchestra members are having various personal difficulties
Administrators are moving equipment
Alternating heat & cold are creating audience and instrument problems
The sponsor of the performance is insisting on irrational changes in the programme

Actually – it could be more like co-ordinating a jazz band

Preventing & Dealing with Conflict

Jamie Reed & Monica Hanaway from Corporate Harmony

Managing conflict can be a creative vehicle for change

Need to determine fixed and flexible boundaries

Early intervention (training, coaching, mentoring) helps avoid Full mediation , either internally (intra-organisation) or externally (inter-organisation)

Solutions Focus Groups Sessions

Tricia Lustig

O utcome - miracle question "If you came in tomorrow and a mircle had happened - how would you know?"

S caling 0 - 10

K now-how - "What works here?"

A ffirm & Action - "What do you need to do?"

R eview - "What's better"

Starting not stopping

Reframe positively

Action Learning in the NHS

James Barrett

Primary Risk - Larry Hirschhorn

Learning Review

Mike Pedler Placeholder

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The pauses between the notes - that is where art resides — Artur Schnabel

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