Jungle Station Is A 2011 UK/US TV Series.


Main Characters

  • Zooter (Voiced By Tara Strong): An Engergetic Pig Scooter. She Is The Jungle Messenger.
  • Elytank (Voiced By Billy West): A Big Blue Elephant Tank Shunter. He Is Zooter's Best Friend. He Makes The Deliveries In The Jungle. Might Divire From Minitank, A 199550-Class Shunting Engine. He Knows Where The Best Deliveries Are. He Also Deliveres Friut.
  • Bun-Go (Voiced By Keith Whickham): An Orangish-Yellow Rabbit. He Makes The Signs In The Jungle. He Is Clever Than Any Other Railer. He Makes And Keeps His Signs In A Small Warehouse. Although He Has A Beaver's Tail And Ellytank's Lights, He Divires From Conga-Bungo.

Minor Characters

  • MiniCrab (Voiced By Jess Harnell): A Red Crab Who Likes To Dance And Make The Greatest Smoothies In The Jungle. His Name Divires From MiniCab, A 1-Car Rapid-Transit Train. He Is The Only Railer That Can Drive Sideways (That Means That His Circular Lights Are Located On His Left).
  • Cararla (Voiced By Liliana Mumy): An Orange Koala Bear Who Owns A Retailing Grocery Store. She's Also MiniCrab's Assistant And Is Good At Baking.
  • Hippotransit (Voiced By Amanda Symonds): A Yellow Hippopotamus Rapid-Transit. She Ususaly Carries The Beetlebugs To School. Her Name Divires From Hippie-Transit, Or Something Like That. Her Catchphrase Is "I'm A Hippo!" Becase The Beetlebugs Tease Her A Lot.
  • The Beetlebugs (Voiced By Grey DeLisle, Thomas Stangster, Freddy Highmore And Erica Huang): The Junior Railers. Their Colors Are Pink And Yellow (Female) And Red And Blue (Male). Their Name And Shape Divire From The Famous Volkswagen Beetle (The Shape Of Disney's "Herbie"). The Are Taken By Their Mom And Transporter Hippotransit To Miss Jolly's Art Class.
  • Chrocker (Voiced By Jeff Bennett): A Crocodile Fire Chief. He Wears A Yellow Fire Hat With A Brown Strap And A Red Flashing Light (Only Flashes In Emergencies) On The Top. He Is Good At Planting Seeds And Teaches The Beetlebugs About Tarmac. His Shape Divires From Chopper (Not To Be Confused By A Helicopter). He Lives In A Tower Where He Can See Any Fires.
  • Bobby (Voiced By Jimmy Hibbert): A Blue Toucan Police Cheif. He Is Good Friends With Chrocker (Chrocker Wears A Fire Hat And Bobby Wears A Navy Police Hat With A Wine Red Strap And A Red Flashing Light (Only Flashes In Emergencies)). His Shape Divires From A Bubble Car. He Is The Only Railer Who Can Fly (Second Being Action Railer).
  • Stretch (Voiced By Nika Futterman): A Pink Shrimp Minicar. She Can Use Her Tape To Mesure Things And Pick Any Railer Up From Being Derailed. She Can Speak Out Of Accurate Mesurements, Aspecialy For Numbers And Mesuring Tracks For Their Sizes.
  • Lance (Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker): A Purple Rhinocerous Ambulance. Like Stretch, He Can Rescue Any Railer. He Divires From Rhinolance Terrain Vehicle From The Friutoons Spinoff Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers. He Is At Least Bigger Than Elytank.
  • Action Railer (Voiced By Godfrey): A Gold Falcon TGV Class 10 With Wings Hidden In The Edges (Which He Uses To Fly). He First Appears In Action Elytank (E10) When Zooter And Elytank Meet Him After The Movie. He Is The Second Railer To Fly (The Other Being Bobby).
  • Dozer (Voiced By Hulk Hogan): A Bull Construction Worker. His Shape And Name Divire From "Bulldozer". He Likes To Fix Tracks And Is Good At Digging With His Dozer Blade. He Is The Only Railer To Have Caterpillar Tracks.
  • Miss Jolly (Voiced By Kath Soucie): A Zebra School Teacher.

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