Jungledyret Hugo

Jungledyret Hugo is a Danish media franchise featuring the cartoon adventures of an anthropomorphic mammal named Hugo. Created by Danish author and filmmaker Flemming Quist Møller and produced at A. Film A/S, the franchise currently consists of two animated features, an animated television series, and a third film done in CGI.

The first two films were translated, edited, and released in the United States on a single DVD in 1998 by Miramax. The third film was released on region 1 DVD on August 12, 2014 under the title "Amazon Jack".

Parodies (Don't delete, but you can add some more)

  1. Jungledyret Hugo/Star Wars
  2. Jungledyret Hugo/The Wizard of Oz
  3. Jungledyret Hugo/Back to the Future
  4. Jungledyret Hugo/Indiana Jones
  5. Jungledyret Hugo/The Rescuers
  6. Jungledyret Hugo/Fantasia
  7. Jungledyret Hugo/Spaceballs
  8. Jungledyret Hugo/Drake and Josh
  9. Jungledyret Hugo/Skunk Fu!
  10. Jungledyret Hugo/How to Train Your Dragon
  11. Jungledyret Hugo/Kung Fu Panda
  12. Jungledyret Hugo/The Amazing World of Gumball
  13. Jungledyret Hugo/T.U.F.F. Puppy
  14. Jungledyret Hugo/Dinofroz
  15. Jungledyret Hugo/Aladdin
  16. Jungledyret Hugo/Hercules
  17. Jungledyret Hugo/The Little Mermaid
  18. Jungledyret Hugo/Pinocchio
  19. Jungledyret Hugo/Sleeping Beauty
  20. Jungledyret Hugo/The Pagemaster
  21. Jungledyret Hugo/Lady and the Tramp
  22. Jungledyret Hugo/101 Dalmatians
  23. Jungledyret Hugo/The Aristocats
  24. Jungledyret Hugo/The Fox and the Hound
  25. Jungledyret Hugo/Balto
  26. Jungledyret Hugo/The Jungle Book (1967)
  27. Jungledyret Hugo/The Lion King
  28. Jungledyret Hugo/Tarzan
  29. Jungledyret Hugo/Dinosaur
  30. Jungledyret Hugo/Spongebob Squarepants

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