Spe-Films Spoof of "Pinocchio"

Junor Asparagus (Veggietales) As Pinocchio

Fievel mousekewhitz (AAT) (W/Tony, And Bridget As Extras) As Jimminy Cricket

Pa Grape (Veggietales) As Geppeto

Cleo as Hershelf

Figaro As Himshelf

Blue berry (Veggietales Pistachio) As The Blue Fairy

Randall Bogs (Monsters Inc.) As Honest John

Fungus (Monsters Inc.) As Gideon

Prince John Aka Mr. Nezzer (Veggietales) As Stromboli

Hopper (A Bugs Life) As The Coachman

The French Peas (Veggietales) As Lampwhick

Monstro as Himshelf

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