Juniper "June" Lee is the main protagonist and the love interest of Zak Saturday appearing in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. She has black hair with a pink hair extension and brown eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a green T-shirt with short sleeves and pink edges and a stylized stylized pink juniper flower on the chest, blue jeans and brown shoes. She is voiced by Lara Jill Miller. At her age, she is 11 years old.


  • Barbara and Michael Lee (Parents)
  • Jasmine Lee (Grandmother)
  • Dennis and Ray Ray Lee (Brothers)
  • Zak Saturday (Love Interest)
  • Monroe (Pet Dog)
  • Melissa O'Malley (Rival)


  1. Wooing for Zak
  2. Hanging out with Jody and Ophelia
  3. Admiring her brothers


  1. Her fight with Melissa
  2. Getting stoked
  3. Seeing Dennis and Ray Ray's argument

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