Jupiter Station

Jupiter Station is a space station in orbit of planet Jupiter.


The station was constructed in orbit of the planet Jupiter in 2045 and was apparently used for starship repairs and maintenance work.

The station was originally used as a research station. However, the station grew to support civilians and also became a civilian outpost.

The station was the base where Earth relocated several refugees during Earths war with the Gareanor.


Jupiter Station's structure as it existed in the 24th century was that of two sets of three saucer section hulls on top of each other, with a series of antennae and sensors extending from the bottom.

The first sections hulls served as an industrial area as well as the locations of Research Labs, Docking Areas, Medical Bays and Storage Areas.

The second sections hulls serve as a civilian area, where there are several living quarters, cafes, schools and other recreation areas.

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