Just dance is a game preformed by Ubisoft


Just dance 1

Groove is in the heart as Twilight Sparkle

Cotten Eye Joe as Applejack

Ring my bell as Fluttershy

U can't touch this as pinkie pie

Dare as Rainbow dash

That's the way I like it as rarity

Jerk it out as Spike

Just dance 2

Wake me up before you go go as Twilight Sparkle

Hey ya as Applejack

Holiday as Fluttershy

Big girl(you are beautiful) as Pinkie pie

Crazy in love as rarity

Cosmic girl as Rainbow dash

Just dance 3

Price tag as Twilight sparkle

She's got me dancing as rarity

Airplanes as Rainbow dash

Party rock anthem as Pinkie pie

California girls as fluttershy

Venus as Applejack

Just dance 4

Digging in the dirt as twilight sparkle

Wild wild west extreme as applejack

Primadonna as Rarity

Livin la vida loca as Rainbow dash

Good girl as fluttershy

Make the party(Don't stop) as pinkie pie

Just dance 2014

Blurred lines P2 as Twilight sparkle

Ghostbusters P2 as Applejack

Fine china as Rarity

Starships as Pinkie pie

I kissed a girl sweat as rainbow dash

99 Luftballons as Fluttershy

Just dance 2015

Burn as Twilight sparkle

Birthday as pinkie pie

Fatima as Fluttershy

Me and my broken heart P1 as rarity

Walk this way P4 as Rainbow dash

Till I find you as Applejack

Papaoutai P1 as Shining armour

Maps as Princess Cadance

Just dance 2016

Born this way Nerd as Twilight sparkle

Let's groove P2 as Rainbow dash

Uptown funk alternate P2 as Rarity

Chiwawa as Pinkie pie

Never can tell P2 as Applejack

Irish meadow dance P2 as Fluttershy

Just dance 2017

Worth it as Twilight sparkle

September P1 as Rainbow dash

Don't stop me now as Applejack

El tiki P2 as Fluttershy

What is love as Rarity

Daddy P1 as pinkie pie

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