Just Desserts is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series episode.


  • Ash has a visit from The Smiths (from Supper Villain and Just Desserts), but Harold the father of the smiths kidnaps Mitchie and Kimiko and Ash, Skeeter and Zak have to help The Steamettes save them. Note: Kimiko is wearing her Dangerous Minds outfit.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Skeeter Valentine
  • Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Zak Saturday
  • Aya
  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine
  • Harold Smith
  • Maryanne Smith
  • Julie Smith
  • Bud Smith


Part 1

  • (We See Ash, his friends and The Steamettes on the way to Harold's house)
  • Ash: I'm going to have a visit from The Smiths.
  • Mitchie: Of course, Ash.
  • Skeeter: We're here.
  • Kimiko: (rings the bell) Is anybody here?
  • Harold: Well it's so nice to meet you. I'm Harold Smith and this is my wife Maryanne.
  • Maryanne: Hi there.
  • Harold: Here's my son Bud. Bud this is Ash and the gang including The Steamettes so say hi.
  • Bud: (bored) Hi.
  • Maryanne: And here's my daughter Julie. Say hi.
  • Julie: Hi.
  • Ash: My name is Ash. This is Pikachu.
  • Pikachu: Pikachu!
  • Ash: And here's my little sister Mary.
  • Mary: Hi.
  • Mitchie: I'm Mitchie. This is Angie.
  • Angie: Hi.
  • Skeeter: I'm Skeeter. Glad to meet you, Smiths.
  • Kimiko: I'm Kimiko. This is Lisa.
  • Lisa: Hi.
  • Zak: I'm Zak, member of the Saturdays family.
  • Aya: I'm Aya, leader of The Steamettes and a ninja warrior. This is Marissa.
  • Marissa: Hi.
  • Satsuki: I'm Satsuki, member of the Kimono Sisters.
  • Charmaine: And i'm Charmaine, orchard girl.
  • Harold: Do you have pet cats?
  • Satsuki: Yes. This is Fluffles my white cat.
  • Charmaine: And Fluffy my black cat.
  • Fluffles and Fluffy: Meow!
  • Harold: Come on in.
  • (We see Ash and the others with The Smiths)
  • Ash: You're the nice father, Harold.
  • Harold: Yes i am the nice father of the smiths.
  • Mary: Julie, do you want to play jacks with me?
  • Julie: Yes, Mary.
  • Mitchie: Haven't you prepared dinner, Maryanne?
  • Maryanne: Well if it wasn't for my help then dinner will be at only 15, Mitchie.
  • Skeeter: Behave yourself, Bud.
  • Bud: All right. This isn't a good idea.
  • Orange Islands Reporter: (on TV) There has been a breaking news, Team Rocket and Team Kiwi have invaded the bank and are stealing money.
  • Ash: Stay here, Harold. We're going to get rid of those teams.
  • (Ash and the gang hurry to defeat Team Rocket and Team Kiwi)
  • Harold: I got it. I can get Mitchie and Kimiko by putting on my costume.
  • (Harold sneaks out of the living room and onto the door)
  • Maryanne: Dinner's ready.
  • Harold: In just a few minutes, dear. There. My costume is worn.
  • Ash: Did i say dinner?
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We See Ash and the gang along with The Smiths eating dinner)
  • Ash: Delicious fish with white rice.
  • Mitchie: It's so amazing.
  • Skeeter: Thanks a lot.
  • Bud: This doesn't stink. But it's delicious.
  • Harold: Yes, my plan has worked perfectly.
  • Julie: Yummy.
  • Mary: Aren't you supposed to be in the pass.
  • Ash: (with his mouth full) I didn't mean it, Mary.
  • Mary: Oh. You really are amazing, big brother.
  • Maryanne: Dinner's finished.
  • Kimiko: What a relief.
  • (Harold snatches Mitchie and Kimiko)
  • Ash: Girls? Oh no! Harold took them away.
  • (Maryanne, Bud and Julie put on their costumes)
  • Maryanne: Wait for me, honey.
  • Ash: Oh, no!
  • Skeeter: They took them away.
  • Zak: It was The Smiths in disguise.
  • Ash: And they didn't take away my little sister.
  • Mary: I'm scared to fight, big brother.
  • Ash: Just settle down, Mary.
  • Angie and Lisa (both crying) Our big sisters.
  • Ash:

Part 3

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