Just Write for Peru is the title, slogan, nick-name for our new campaign which does not involve giving old blankets (it's too late) or money (you may have already - if not see our appeal webpage [] This is an additional way for the world to respond to the Peru Earthquake 2007 Appeal.

Just Write for Peru - is it right for you?

"I am a Peruvian living in New Jersey, I want to contribute to Just Write 4 Peru. I can write in Quechua, Spanish and English"

You can write on existing pages in Quechua or in any language. You can translate this page (it would be extremely valuable to do so) into Quechua, Spanish . . .. You can record (or film) anything into a mobile phone, digital camera, camcorder and place the recording in the "digital vaults" for others to access (recordings should be less than ten minutes or 100MB)

"I have been a university teacher of Peruvian Studies and have been "writing for Peru" for over thirty years but would still like to contribute to Just Write 4 Peru"

Have you checked to see whether the Peruvian National Library (BNP) has all your works? Are they accessible to all Peruvians? And others? We have been discussing this issue in general with the BNP. There are complex issues involving publishers, authors, copyright, public lending fees, digital conversion, etc. but we would like to work with you and the BNP to resolve these problems. In the meantime, choose a theme from amongst your area of expertise and write a short introduction to it and/or a review of the main (online) sources.

Can you give me an example?

The content can be anything that is legal on internet. The format - there is great flexibility - could be like the pages on, for example, Arequipa [1]. This was written for 15 August, Arequipa Day - but which has become, tragically, Earthquake Day. Or, for example, the page on Caral [2]

What do I do next for Just Write 4 Peru?

Sub-edit or edit any of the pages in the Peru Earthquake section (category) or its associated education network. Anything from correcting the grammar, deleting the misplaced comma, translating into any other language, adding additional text or other media (use a new major heading). Don't forget to fill in the summary of your editing. If you would prefer to work on a theme for which there is no existing page juststart a new page.

You may contact the Peru Earthquake Aid Committee by email to claudiochipana (at)[server address]. The (at) is the "aroba spiral thingy" and the [server address] is

Or write direct to Peru Earthquake Aid Committee Just Write 4 Peru. Education Secretary (Paul Goulder). Email address chiguata25-1(at)[server address]. The[server address] is

Apparently this way of writing emails confuses the spam robots as much as the editor.

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