Just a Little Magic is a Season 1 episode from The Kidsongs Television Show, which was aired in April 14th, 1994.


Billy learns what practice is and its importance in becoming good at something. Billy says that he likes to have fun, which doesn't take much practice. But later in the show Billy is unhappy and, for a change, one of the kids helps him solve his problem. Billy feels left out because he doesn't work hard on a hobby like many of the Kidsongs Kids. Megan tells him that it's alright to just be really interested in things, that it doesn't have to be a hobby you practice all the time. In this show Billy also learns what a cowboy is after assuming it's a male cow, and Billy's favorite part of the circus are the clowns because they're silly.

Song List

  • "Fooba Wooba John" (Play Along Songs)
  • "Practice Makes Perfect" (The Wonderful World of Sports)
  • "Oh Susanna" (Sing Out America)
  • "The Circus is Coming to Town" (A Day at the Circus)
  • "Over in the Meadow" (If We Could Talk to the Animals)
  • "Skip to My Lou" (A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm)
  • "Come On and Join in the Game" (Play Along Songs)


Kidsongs TV Show - Season 2 - Episode 9 - Practice Makes Perfect28:39

Kidsongs TV Show - Season 2 - Episode 9 - Practice Makes Perfect

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