Justice Chä is a powerful Chä in the Virtue Zodiac.

To become a Justice Chäotic you must be in Blue or Grey Alignment and in the Intellect or Hero classification.


Here is a description of Justice Chä power.


  • Imprison: Creates a prison of energy the negates the powers of it's captive and anyone in the immediate area. The only way to open the cage is using the key that the Chäotic almost always keeps on hand.
  • Punishment: Causes a punishment designed by the Chäotic to be inflicted on the guilty subject. The more crimes the beings has done the worse it is. A petty thief's pain is equal to being eaten alive, a murder is equal to millions of different deaths being experienced at the same time, and a mass murder's pain is equal to the flames of Karzahni. After the Punishment is over, the victim returns to his normal physical state, with some cuts and burns.
  • Turned Table: Allows the victim to feel the pain the deal the Chäotic, both mental and physical.


  • Confession: Causes anyone in the area of the Chäotic to be unable to lie. Even when the power is not being used people are relcutant to tell lies.

Environmental Effects

The signature power of the Justice Chä is Punishment and it is heavily affected by the environment. The Chäotic can turn the effects off. Here is a list of how the environment effects Punishment:

  • Fire Area: The punishment is infused with fire. Generally it cuases burning or melting of the subject.
  • Water Area: The punishment involves water, mostly drowning or getting sucked into a whirlpool.
  • Ice Area: The victim is frozen, or suffer severe frostbite.

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