Justice Fruit Pies is a Disney spoof to the Dexter's Laboratory Quickie of the same name. It features Captain Crandall as Dexter, Mitchie O'Hara as Dee Dee, Captain America as Major Glory, and Lord Hater as The Evil Math Magician.


  1. Captain Crandall as Dexter (Spencer Breslin)
  2. Mitchie O'Hara as Dee Dee (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  3. Captain America as Major Glory (Brian Bloom)
  4. Lord Hater as The Evil Math Magician (Keith Ferguson)


  • (We open this quickie at the Disney Academy)
  • Narrator: Suddenly...
  • Lord Hater: I, Lord Hater shall capture all the children and force them the new homework forever!
  • Narrator: Just then...
  • (Captain America shows up)
  • Crandall: Captain America!
  • Captain America: You asked for it.
  • Lord Hater: Ah, ah, ah. No violence in schools.
  • Captain America: Hmm, you're right. But there's one way to stop you.
  • Lord Hater: No, not Justice Fruit Pies the delicious treat, you have to be crazy to hate! Oh, I give up.
  • Narrator: Later...
  • Crandall: Thanks, Captain America.
  • Captain America: (muffled) Don't thank me, thank Justice Fruit Pies.
  • Crandall: What?
  • Captain America: (muffled) I said, don't thank... oh!
  • (All laughing)

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