The Justice Movement is a major party in Vovatra. Its official color is Blue.


The Justice Movement was founded in September 1 AU. This makes it the oldest of the three Spiritual Center parties.

Political Position

The Justice Movement is a generally centrist party. It is economically centrist and socially center-liberal. However, the Justice Movement does believe in a strong government, mostly in terms of law enforcement, and it is often popular among police officers.

Geographic Spread

The Justice Movement was founded in M City, and is still by far the biggest party there and in most of the rest of the M Plains. It also has significant representation nearly everywhere in Vovatra.


JM is one of the three members of the Spiritual Center. In size, it is the middle member. It is often considered the most economically left and the least spiritual-based of the parties.


With 10.5% of the vote, JM is the fourth-largest party in Vovatra. It has 10 seats in the lower house and one of the eight upper-house seats.

Being in the Spiritual Center, JM is a member of government. It is generally considered the most centrist major government member, and some of its delegates vote with the opposition on some bills.

The Justice Movement possesses the government of the capital of M City as well as many other towns in the M Plains region. It is also a minority member in many government and opposition coalitions across the globe.

Gov Bold Opp Italic United Left LibFed Spiritual Center Conservative Bloc
Major SA ED | SD MM | JM | SDM VL | MP
Medium TLA | SP GLF TER | VN | AM
Minor MY | X YU? | LDP AR VSD | MW | PSN | PP | PS | MDR
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